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  1. ubiquitous
  2. garner
  3. esoteric
  4. overweening
  5. hallow
  1. a (adj.) intended for or understood by only a select few, private, secret
  2. b (adj.) conceited, presumptuous; excessive, immoderate
  3. c (v.) to set apart as holy or scared, sanctify, consecrate; to honor greatly, revere
  4. d (v.) to acquire as the result of effort; to gather and store away, as for future use
  5. e (adj.) present or existing everywhere

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  1. (n.) an arbitrary order or decree; a command or act of will or consciousness
  2. (adj.) fruitful in offspring or vegetation; intellectually productive
  3. (n.) a fabrication of the mind; an arbitrary notion
  4. (adj.) costly, rich, magnificent
  5. (v.) to portray, sketch, or describe in accurate and vivid detail; to represent pictorially

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  1. depraved(adj.) according to reputation or general belief; having widespread acceptance and good reputation; (part.) alleged


  2. sophistry(n.) sharpness [particularly of mind or senses]


  3. acuity(n.) sharpness [particularly of mind or senses]


  4. penchant(n.) a strong attraction or inclination


  5. mundane(n.) a subtle or slight variation [as in color, meaning, quality], delicate gradation or shade or difference