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illegal to make, sell, or transport alcohol


people who smuggled alcohol into the u.s.


illegal bars

stock market crash

this lead to the great depression

Axis powers

Germany, Italy, and Japan

Policy of appeasment

letting hitler have his way


lightning war fare

Hitlers fatal mistake

declaring war on Soviet Union


killed 12 million people

Pearl Harbor

attacked by Japan on Dec 7, 1941

Internment camps

where japanese americans were unfairly placed during the war

Germany surrendered

on may 7, 1941

Kamikaze Pilots

were used by Japan in a desperate effort agains the u.s.

atomic bombs were dropped here

Hiroshima ad Nagasaki

Teddy Roosevelt

"speak softly and carry a big stick"

Woodrow Wilson

proposed forming the league of nations

Franklin D. Roosevelt

led the u.s. during the depression and W.W. II

adolph hitler

dictator of germany
during w.w. II

Benito mussolini

Dictator of italy

Winstin Churchil

prime minister of great britain

harry s truman

made the decision to drop the atomic bomb

joseph stalin

leader of the soviet union

dwight d. eisenhower

Commander of the allied invasion of france

John F. Kennedy

president during the cuban missile crisis

mao tse-tung

led the communist revolution in china

fedel castro

led the communist revolution of Cuba


leader of the civil rights movements in 1960

richard nixon

resigned as a result of the water gate scandal

gerald ford

only president who was not elected to be president of vp

jimmy carter

made human rights a major issue as president

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