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Scenario 1
Perform full assessment and provide anti-nausea medicine.
Provide comfort in pre-surgical room Mr. Dominec.
Check surgical consent for correct procedure and make sure operative site in marked.
Inform his partner that everything is being done to keep him comfortable.

Scenario 2
Educate about recovery from appendectomy and care to wound.
Discuss his understanding about the plan of care.
Discuss follow up with his doctor.
Offer assistance in providing more information about treatment options for newly diagnosed AIDS patients.
Determine from medical record if partner is aware of his recent AIDS diagnosis.

Scenario 3
You discuss this cough with Mr. Dominec to determine how long he has had it.
Notify doctor of change in condition in particular: unproductive cough and low-grade fever.
Explain to Mr. Dominec your concern for this opportunistic infection and usual treatment.
Explain that he will probably not be going home at least until his doctor sees him.
Notify charge nurse that discharge will probably not occur today.

Scenario 4
Inform patient about the progression and risk a PCP infection has for a patient with AIDS.
Obtain and provide the infectious disease doctor's contact information for him.
Encourage Mr. Dominec to discuss with his partner his best treatment options.
Take vital signs before leaving the hospital again.
Document and provide copy for Mr. Dominec to share with his follow up appointment tomorrow.

Scenario 5
This information is HIPAA protected and you cannot share anything with them.
Remind staff that Universal Precautions are practiced at this hospital for all patients regardless of known infectious diseases.
Leave to break room and not continue in conversation.
Report this activity immediately to the hospital privacy officer
Report to charge nurse/ head nurse the need for staff education.