Career Self-Assessment

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What activities do you most enjoy? These are activities you like and want to include in your future life. You might list things like travel, biking, hiking, reading, writing, teaching, and so on.

What activities do you least enjoy? These are activities you dislike and want to limit or stop doing, if you could. Consider when and how you might be able to avoid these activities. Also consider whether there might be a way for you to enjoy some of them.

What things have you never done before but want to try? Make a list of things you want to do or experience in the future.

What qualities would your job need to provide in order to make you feel satisfied? These can be activities you engage in, such as writing or talking to people, or they can be rewarding aspects of the job, such as helping others or improving the community or the environment.

What things are you especially good at? These are your strengths. Consider what other people have said you are good at, and what you think you are good at.

What are your weaknesses? Consider whether you want to improve on any of those weaknesses and how you might do that.

What values are most important to you? These are the values that you want to live up to. They will guide your behavior, attitude, and interactions with others. For example, your values might include things like honesty, kindness, generosity, patience, and so on.

What issues or causes do you care most about? These issues may affect the world, such as global environmental issues, or be specific to a smaller group, such as people in need in a town.

Which people in your life are most important to you? Consider which people you want to maintain relationships with and spend time with.