18 terms

Final exam 2008-4

Jean-Baptise Lully was born in (country)
Ballet de Cour
a type of ballet danced at the French royal court in which members of the court participated.
Louis XIV
Known as the "Roi Soleil" reigned from 1643-1715.
French Overture
A genre which begins slow with dotted rhythms.
Composer who wrote the French Overture
a family is continuous in music from 1661 til 1826 longer than the Bach family.
perhaps the most important member of the Couperin family. He wrote L'Art de toucher le clavecin.
Clavecin is the french word for..
Notes inegales
The french practice of substituting dotted rhythms in performance for notated runs of equal notes
a composer and a theorist. His Treatise on harmony was published in 1722.
Henry Purcell
The most important British composer after the Restoration
Venus and Adonis
John Bull is the composer of the opera entitled.
Dido and Aeneas
Henry Purcell composed this opera.
this genre was a courtly entertainment using music, dance, and drama to portray and allegorical story.
Henry Purcell
Composed incidental music to many plays.
St. Cecilia
The patron saint of music
counter Tenor
the name of a male singer performing alto parts in falsetto.
George Frideric Handel's nationality at birth was