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which of the following is the best way to state the relationship between "data" and "results"
"Data" are the facts you collect from your experiment, while "results" are your interpretation of what the data means
a scientific theory is one that
is supported by many years of experimentation all supporting the hypothesis
glucose that circulates in your blood has one of three fates; it is used to fuel cellular activities, it can be converted into fat, or it can __
be stored temporarily as glycogen
which of the following is a polysaccharide
the secondary structure of a protein refers to the
twisting of amino acid chain into a corkscrew-like shape or into zig-zag like folding pattern
which of the following statements about enzymes is NOT true
enzymes are permanently changed when they take place in a chemical reaction
nuclear __ are specialized holes in the __ - layer nuclear envelope that separates the nucleus from the __
pores; two; cytoplasm
you are bored at a lunch meeting and surreptitiously place a raisin in your glass of water. the raisin swells to twice its original size. relative to the water, the raisin must have been
which of the following best summarizes the difference between osmosis and diffusion
osmosis deals with only water
a unique characteristic of mitochondria is that they are inherited from the female parent only. what is the explanation for this
the males sperm cells have mitochondria, but because the sperm contributes DNA but no cytoplasm, no mitochondria are passed to the egg at fertilization
given that a cells structure reflects its function, what would you predict the function of a cell with a large golgi apparatus be
transport of chemical signals
in eukaryotes, vesicles connect which two major organelle compartments
rough ER and golgi
which of the following is not a form of kinetic energy
a covalent bond linking phosphate molecules
different steps of cellular respiration occur at different places in the mitochondria. which of the following is not a proper location
all of the above are proper locations (hydrogen ions in ATP - inner mitochondrial membrane; CO2 released - matrix; energy transfer from NADH and FADH to ATP - inner mitochondrial membrane; 2 carbons manipulated through krebs - matrix)
a green plant can carry out photosynthesis if given nothing more than
sunlight, water, air
biologically speaking, a pigment is
a molecule that absorbs a photon
the light reactions of photosynthesis supply the calvin cycle with
cellular respiration is an efficient process that captures approx 35% of the energy in glucose. from one molecule of glucose it yields
30 to 32 ATP; depending on the tissues and organism
during eukaryotic translation, mRNA carries genetic information from the __ to the __, where amino acids are assembles into proteins
nucleus; ribosome
the term "gene expression" refers to
none of the above
in the regulation of gene expression, anything that increases the binding of RNA polymerase to a genes promoter region could be called
positive transcriptional control
which of the following can be said about frameshift mutation
A) it changes the reading frame of the protein coding sequence B) it must involve the insertion or deletion of nucleotides
the division of the cytoplasm during cell division is referred to as
in DNA replication the DNA molecule separates into two strands
A) it is possible to reconstruct perfectly all of the information on the missing strand because one strand carries all the information needed to construct its complementary strand B) the rebuilding process begins, in which an enzyme connects the appropriate complementary base to the exposed base
a cell is said to have reached the metaphase stage of mitosis when
centromeres have arrived at the equatorial plate
some animals are primary asexual in reproduction, but they have the ability to switch to sexual production under some conditions. why might they make this switch
to increase genetic diversity during period of stress
bacteria produce asexually where as most plants and animals reproduce sexually. what is the better method?
neither. each is effective in different environments for different kinds of organisms
in some species, sex is determined by environmental factors, rather than genetic factors. this is true of
in genetics, the separation of alleles or homologous chromosomes during meiosis so that haploid daughter cells have one allele or the other but never both is referred to as
A) Mendel's first law B) segregation
how can two pea plants be identical but have different genotypes
one could be homozygous dominant and the other could be heterozygous
which term refers to the genetic control of continuously varying traits such as height
when crossing over occurs, __ genes usually stay together