Si Clauses

Help learn Ch 8 Breaking Barrier Advanced and when to use tenses with an IF clause...if this,,then that...
If he studies he'll get a good grade
Si estudia sacará buena nota
If he studied he would get a good grade
Si estudiara sacaría buena nota
If he had studied he would have gotten a good grade
Si hubiera estudiado habría sacado buena nota
Habla como si fuera rico
He speaks as if he were rich
imperfecto del subjuntivo
pluscuamperfecto del subjuntivo
condicional perfecto
si tengo el dinero iré
If I have money I'll go
si tuviera el dinero iría
If I had money I would go
si hubiera tenido el dinero habría ido
If I had had money I would have gone
baila como si fuera profesional
He dances as if he were a profesional
como si means as if and always takes
impefect subjunctive