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These are the different invertebrate classes.

In Echinodermata, Class ___________ have 5 or more arms extending from a central disc. They can't regenerate a single arm.


In Echinodermata, Class ___________ have 5 arms set off from the central disc. This includes brittle stars and basket stars and they have no anus.


In Echinodermata, Class Holothuroidea have soft bodied _______ __________

Sea cucumbers

In Echinodermata, Class Crinoidea includes _________ _________ and ________ _________

Sea lilies, Feather stars

In Echinodermata, Class Concentricycloides are called ______ _______ that live in deep water.

Sea daisies

Ancient sea dwellers in Arthropoda that are extinct


Arthropoda that are spiders, scorpions, and ticks. They have no antennae.


Arthhropoda that are cetipedes, millipedes, and insects. They have unbranced antennae.


A type of Platyhelminthes is a __________


In mollusks, Class _________ are shells divided into two halves


In mollusks, Class ____________ are snails and slugs


In mollusks, Class ___________ incluee octopi and squid.


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