HIST 2620 Chapter 25 Summative quiz

The slow transition from wartime to peacetime manufacturing resulted
A) another depression.
B) passage of the GI Bill.
C) shortages of consumer goods.
D) declining corporate profits.
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One consequence of African American participation in World War II
A) heightened expectations among black citizens for equal treatment
in postwar America.
B) white Americans' recognition of African American service and
sacrifice during the war years.
C) an end to white supremacist violence against and harassment of
minority citizens.
D) the ending of racial segregation of public accommodations in the
southern states.
The report To Secure These Rights, which called for desegregation
and the extension of voting rights to black Americans, was produced by the
A) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
B) Congress of Racial Equality.
C) President's Committee on Civil Rights.
D) National Association of Colored Women.
African American activists linked the civil rights struggle to the Cold
War to capitalize on the Truman administration's interest in
A) preventing black citizens from becoming Communists or
B) maintaining America's image as a bastion of freedom and equality.
C) alienating southern Democrats who were white supremacists.
D) keeping Henry Wallace from running against Truman in 1948.