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  1. negative space
  2. Rose Period
  3. foreshortening
  4. fresco
  5. monochromatic
  1. a one color and its values
  2. b to make a figure seem to come out toward the viewer
  3. c the area around the subject
  4. d "fresh" wet plaster
  5. e happy time in Picasso's life; sentimental and romantic depictions, focuses on circus people/ harlequins

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  1. creating a misty background, softening lines/ no outlines/ creating illusion of space
  2. created many still life paintings with fruit which he focused on the underlying geometric shapes; simplified objects to near abstract form
  3. he was dubbed the "tubist"; careful shading technique changes geometric shapes to three-dimensional forms
  4. known as a facet cubist; his work caused an uproar at the Armory Show of 1913
  5. social realist; looked to the art of Africa as an influence

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  1. Beardensocial realist in Harlem in 1930's; felt it was important to "paint the life of my people as I know it"


  2. analytical cubismpasted collages


  3. cubismsimplified shapes of real objects


  4. Braquedeveloped cubism along with Picasso, historians were often unable to tell their work apart


  5. contrappostotechnique of sculpting a human figure in a pose that shows the weight of the body in balance