Text Structure Definitions and Key Words

Informational Text Structure definitions and key/signal words.
Sequence of Events
The author tells about events that happen in a time order, order of events, or steps in a process.
Compare and Contrast
The author points out what is the same and what is different between two subjects.
Cause and Effect
The author explains why something happens and what caused it to happen.
Problem and Solution
The author describes a problem and tells how to solve it.
The author gives information to tell details about a topic or an idea.
Sequence of Events Key Words
First, second, next, then, before, after, finally, following
Compare and Contrast Key Words
Different from, same as, similar, on the other hand, but, both, like, either...or
Cause and Effect Key Words
Therefore, cause, due to, since, this led to, as a result, because, thus
Problem and Solution Key Words
Question is, one answer is, the dilemma is, the puzzle is, to solve this
Description/List Key Words
For example, characteristics are, to illustrate, also, for instance, such as.