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Eight Hormones Produced in the Hypothalamus

Gonadotropin - releasing hormone - GnRH
Controls (follicle stimulating hormone) FSH + (luteinizing hormone) LH release. Stumulates the ovaries and testes (gonads).
Thyrotropin - releasing hormone - TRH
Promotes (thyroid stimulating hormone) TSH and PRL (prolactin) secretion.
Corticotropin - releasing hormone - CRH
Promotes (adrenocorticotropic hormone) ACTH secretion
Growth Hormone - releasing hormone - GH
Promotes (growth hormone) GH secretion.
Inhibits GH and TSH secretion
Antidiuretic Hormone -ADH
Increases water retention thus reducing urine volume and prevents dehydration. Also called casopressin because i can cause vasoconstriciton. Involves osmodetectors and blood osmolarity. Also functions as a neurotransmitter.
Oxytocin - OT
Surge of hormone released during sexual arousal and orgasm. Stimulate uterine contractions and propulsion of semen. Promotes feelings of sexual satisfaction and emotional bonding between partners. Stumulates labor contractions during child brith. Stimulates flow of milk during lactation. Promotes emotional bonding between lactating mother and infanct.