Chapter 10 Review

What does the term "calcaneus" mean?
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Capillary puncture is the preferred method of obtaining blood from infants because-capillary blood is preferred for some tests. -removing tubes of blood can lead to anemia -venipuncture in infants may damage veins.Capillary puncture blood reference ranges are higher for which of the following analytes?GlucoseIf the alcohol is still wet when a capillary puncture is made it can-cause hemolysis of the specimen. -lead to errors in the testing process. -prevent round drops from forming.Why are EDTA specimens obtained before other specimens when collected by skin puncture?To minimize effects of platelet clumpingWhich of the following is the safest area for infant heel puncture?The lateral plantar surfaceCapillary punctures that are deeper than recommended are more painful because pain fibers increase in abundance below2.4 mmCapillary puncture blood most closely resemblesarterial bloodWhy should a laboratory report form indicate the fact that a specimen has been collected by capillary puncture?Because test results can vary depending on the method of collectionWhich microtube would be used to collect a specimen for a CBC?Purple topWhat is the purpose of warming the site before skin puncture?it increases blood flow up to seven times