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  1. What do sergers have below the needle (to be threaded) instead of a bobbin?
  2. When using a conventional machine, in which direction should you pull the 2 threads before sewing?
  3. What is Tactile Texture? What is an example of Tactile Texture?
  4. What do you use to take out stitches when you make a mistake?
  5. What is Hue? What is an example of a Hue?
  1. a How the fabric feels. An example would be that cotton jersey feels soft.
  2. b Loopers.
  3. c A seam-ripper.
  4. d Back behind the presser foot.
  5. e It is another name for a color. An example would be blue.

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  1. Use a slow speed, keep your fingers and head away from the machine, and don't stitch over pins.
  2. It means that every garment has to have a function. For example, in the winter time you would wear long-sleeves, sweatpants, a heavy coat, and boots because they would keep you warm in the cold weather. That is the outfit's function, to keep you warm.
  3. It adds excitement and draws attention to the person.
  4. Diagonal
  5. 5/8 inch.

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  1. What does the color wheel consist of and what is its purpose?The 12 colors in a circle to display how the colors are related to each other.


  2. Which line is perpendicular to the ground?Vertical


  3. What is Visual Texture? What is an example of Visual Texture?How the fabric looks like it would feel. An example would be that silk and satin look soft.


  4. What is Tubular Shape? What type of garment has a Tubular Shape?Straight and narrow. A type of garment with that shape would be pin-striped pants.


  5. What is the Intensity of color?They are black, white, and gray.


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