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Functions of Connective Tissue
binding, support, protection, insulation, and transportation.
all connective tissue arise from this embryonic tissue. forms from the mesoderm layer and eventually differentiates into all other connective tissues.
Connective Tissue composed of...
mainly nonliving extracellualr matrix that separates the cells of the tissue.
Ground Substance
unstructured material that fills the space btwn the cells and contains the fibers.
Collagen Fibers
extremely strong provide high tensile strength.
Elastic Fibers
contain elastin: able to stretch and recoil.
Reticular Fibers
fine, collagenous fibers that form networks.
Structural Connective Tissue cell types
Each major class has a fundamental cell type that exsists in immature and mature forms.
Areolar CT
loose CT proper; bind body parts together while allowing them to move freely over one another, wraps small blood vessels and nerves, glands, subcutaneous tissue.
Adipose CT
loose CT proper; fat, tissue, richly vascularized, functions in nutrient storage, protection, and insulation.
Reticular CT
loose CT proper; forms internal framework of lymph nodes, spleen, and the bone marrow.
Dense Regular CT
dense CT proper; closely packed bundles of collagen fibers running same direction, tendons and ligaments.
Dense Irregular CT
dense CT proper; thick bundles of collagen fibers arranged in an irregular fashion, found in dermis.
Hyaline Cartilage
very abundant, firm support with some pliability, avascular, lacks nerve fibers.
Elastic Cartilage
found where strength and stretchability are needed, external ear, avascular, lacks nerve fibers.
found where strong support and ability to withstand heavy pressure, intervertebral discs.
osseous tissue; ability to support and protect body structures due to hardness.
classified as a connective tissue b/c it developed from mesenchyme; blood cells and plasma proteins
Connective tissue producing cells
-blasts; fibroblasts, chondroblasts, osteoblasts, hemocytoblasts.
Connective Tissue maintaining cells
-cytes; fibrocytes, chondrocytes, osteocytes, erythrocytes, leucocytes.
epithelial sheet+connective tissue proper. simple organs. cutaneous membrane=the skin. mucous membrane=lines lumen of all systems which open to the enviroment. Serous membrane=lines body cavities (mesothelium). Parietal/Visceral include pleura, pericardium, peritoneum.