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Who was the great complainer of Zion's camp?
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1. He helped create the earth
2. he is the head of all dispensations
3. He stands second in authority to Christ
4. He is called the Ancient of Days
5. He is the patriarch of the human family
6. He will come to Adam-Ondi-Omin preparatory to the second coming.
7. He lead the righteous army in the war in heaven
8. BRM believes he appeared to Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane
9. He delivered keys to Joseph Smith
10. In the pre mortal life he attained stature second only to Christ.
11. He was the first man on earth
Who paid tithes to Melchezedich?AbrahamWho did Melchenzedich ordain to the priesthood?AbrahamWhat is Melchezedich called?The Great High PriestWho was called to be an apostle but died before being ordained?Lyman ShermanWhat is section 109?The dedicatory prayer received by revelation before it was given It took place in the Kirtland Temple.When was the dedicatory prayer (section 109) given?March 27th, 1836Who did Joseph Smith pray to in the dedicatory prayer?Heavenly Father and JesusWhen was section 110 given?April 3, 1836Who came in section 110?Moses, Elias, and ElijahWhat keys did Moses bring?The keys to the gathering of IsraelWhat keys did Elijah bring?The sealing powerWhat keys did Elias bring?The gospel of Abraham (perfecting of the saints)When was section 115 given?April 26, 1838What occurred on April 26, 1839?The extermination order was givenIn what section did Christ reveal what the church should be called?115What four individuals were appointed to the quorum of the twelve?1. John Taylor 2. John E. Page 3. Wilfred Woodruff 4. Willard RichardsWhat happened on October 27, 1838?Governor Boggs gave the extermination orderWhat occurred on October 30, 1838?Haun's Mill Massacre