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  1. adroit
  2. ethereal
  3. cowl
  4. contrivance
  5. vociferous
  1. a (n) a hood or long hooded cloak esp. of a monk
  2. b (a) dexterous, able, physically coordinated, skilled
  3. c (a) loud, talkative
  4. d (a) beyond the earth, celestial, heavenly, spiritual
  5. e (n) something made up from pieces of other things

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  1. (a) dilapidated; soiled or stained as if having been dragged in mud
  2. (a) graphic, attracting attention
  3. (n) a hand-to-hand fight among several people
  4. (n) a sudden emotional outburst, fit or convulsion
  5. (a) unwilling to change

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  1. crone(n) a hood or long hooded cloak esp. of a monk


  2. peremptory(a) showing imperious or arrogant self-assurance


  3. impetus(n) compelling influence


  4. audacious(a) recklessly bold, rash


  5. succor(v/n) relieve; relief, aid