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  1. forlorn
  2. bedraggled
  3. melee
  4. prolific
  5. stentorian
  1. a (n) a hand-to-hand fight among several people
  2. b (a) very loud
  3. c (a) dilapidated; soiled or stained as if having been dragged in mud
  4. d (a) (re)producing quickly
  5. e (a) sad

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  1. (a) smelly
  2. (n) a sudden emotional outburst, fit or convulsion
  3. (a) loud, talkative
  4. (n) building where bodies are deposited, mausoleum
  5. (n) a hood or long hooded cloak esp. of a monk

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  1. impetus(n) compelling influence


  2. sward(a) worn down, tattered, old


  3. exhortation(n.) difficult physical activity


  4. ethereal(n) artistic picture or grouping (sometimes depicted by silent and still actors on a stage)


  5. teamster(a) demeaning, meant to insult