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  1. Number of Hydrogen bonds between bases
  2. interphase
  3. DNA is tightly wrapped around
  4. events of interphase
  5. mitosis
  1. a G1 phase
    S phase
    G2 phase
  2. b Adenine & Thymine-2
    Guanine & Cytosine-3
    these are the number of ____ bonds between these bases
  3. c histones
  4. d during this phase, its the period of growth
    "in between" phase LOL LIKE ALLISON
  5. e division of the cell nucleaus

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  1. 2 tiny structures located in the cytoplasm near the nuclear envelope
  2. type of RNA molecule that transfers amino acids to ribosomes during protein synthesis
  3. the mice developed pneumonia and died
  4. structures that are alike in species that may share a common ancestor
  5. genes carry instructions for assembling proteins

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  1. petri dish experimentterm used to describe organisms that produce offspring identical to themselves if allowed to self pollinate


  2. tumorregion of DNA where RNA polymerase binds to DNA


  3. traitspecific characteristic that varies from one individual to another


  4. gametessex cells


  5. why are mutations important to living things?mutations can change the wat in which organisms function