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  1. cell division
  2. During the process of translation,
  3. 3 components of a nucleotide
  4. gene map
  5. operon
  1. a processes by which a cell divides into2 new daughter cells
    also called the M phase
  2. b -5 carbon sugar (deoxyribose)
    -phosphate group
    -nitrogenous bases
  3. c the cell uses information from messenger RNA to produce proteins
  4. d a group of genes that operate together
  5. e diagram showing the relative locations of each known gene on a particular chromosome

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  1. turned on and off at different times
  2. mRNA
  3. a mutation in which one nucleotide is replaced by another nucleotide
  4. large cells have more trouble moving needed materials and waste products out
  5. some factor transformed the harmless strain into the disease causing ones. This factor might be a gene

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  1. DNA replication results in 2 DNA moleculesdeoxyribose, phosphate group, nitrogenous base


  2. S phaseduring this phase, DNA replicates
    (during interphase)


  3. double helixinorganic nutrients the body needs (in small amounts)


  4. segregationprocess that releases energy by breaking down food molecules in the absence of oxygen


  5. products of cellular respirationENERRRGYYYY
    also carbon dioxide and water