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  1. Chromatins contain proteins called
  2. equation for cellular respiration
  3. recessive allele
  4. messenger RNA
  5. homozygous
  1. a having two identical alleles for a trait
  2. b histones
  3. c RNA molecule that carries copies of instructions for the assembly of amino acids into proteins from DNA to the rest of the cell
  4. d 602+C6 H12 O6= 6CO +6H20 +energy
  5. e will only exhibit that form of the trait when the dominant allele is not present

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  1. the chromosomes become visible during this stage of the cell cycle
  2. protein
  3. gene that normally halts the cell cycle until all chromosomes have been properly replicated
  4. Since all the radioactivity in the bacteriophage was from phosphorous, the genetic material of the bacteriophage was DNA
  5. messenger, transfer, ribosomal
    messenger-acts as a blueprint for for DNA

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  1. RNA contains the sugarribose


  2. prophase and metaphasePMAT


  3. gene mutationmutation that produces a change in a single gene


  4. S phaseduring this phase, DNA replicates
    (during interphase)


  5. Avery's experimentcells placed in a petri dish containing nutrient broth
    cells grow until they form a thin layer covering the bottom of the dish
    contact=stop growing
    cells removed=cells bordering the open space will divide until they have filled the empty space


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