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  1. What would happen if codons consisted of fewer than 3 bases?
  2. Griffiths conclusion
  3. double helix
  4. mice injected with disease causing strain
  5. In eukaryotes, DNA replication proceeds in how many different directions along the DNA molecule?
  1. a the mice developed pneumonia and died
  2. b there wouldn't be enough for the 64 different combinations
  3. c two strands of nucleotides wound about each other; structure of DNA
  4. d some factor transformed the harmless strain into the disease causing ones. This factor might be a gene
  5. e 2 directions

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  1. can be used to predict the outcomes of genetic crosses
  2. a mutation in which one nucleotide is replaced by another nucleotide
  3. term used to describe organisms that produce offspring identical to themselves if allowed to self pollinate
  4. -disease causing strain (smooth colonies)
    -harmless strain (rough colonies.
  5. process that releases energy by breaking down food molecules in the absence of oxygen

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  1. heterozygousgenetic makeup


  2. cytokinesis in plantsthe cell membrane is drawn inward until the cytoplasm is punched into 2 nearly equal parts
    each part contains its own nucleus and cytoplasmic organelles


  3. anaphasethe chromatin condenses into chromosomes. the centrioles separeate and a spindle begins to form. the nuclear envelope breaks down.
    longest phase of mitosis


  4. 2 main stages of cell divisionmitosis and cytokinesis


  5. cyclinsprotein that regulates the timing of the cell cycle in eukaryotic cells


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