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  1. chromosomes include
  2. glycolysis
  3. cytokinesis in animals
  4. In E. Coli, the lac operon controls the
  5. Hershey and Chase conclusion
  1. a process in which one molecule of glucose is broken in half
    2 ATP
    2 NADH
    2 pyruvic acid molecules
    net gain:2 ATP molecules
    it takes place in the cytoplasm
  2. b the cell membrane is drawn inward until the cytoplasm is punched into 2 nearly equal parts
    each part contains its own nucleus and cytoplasmic organelles
  3. c Since all the radioactivity in the bacteriophage was from phosphorous, the genetic material of the bacteriophage was DNA
  4. d -nucleosomes
    -DNA molecules
  5. e breakdown of lactose

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  1. histones
  2. -5 carbon sugar (deoxyribose)
    -phosphate group
    -nitrogenous bases
  3. mitosis and cytokinesis
  4. offspring of crosses between parents with different traits
  5. nucleotides

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  1. principle of independent assortmentstates that some alleles are dominant and others are recessive


  2. promotergenetic makeup


  3. punnet squarediagram showing the gene combinations that might result from a genetic cross


  4. geneticschemical factors that determine traits


  5. What are the names of the 2 main enzymes involved in DNA replication?transcription