Geriatric Labs

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Theophylline level (Aminophyline)10-20 (20 or more is toxic)TB Mantoux PPDless than 10 is negativeTroponin (MI)more than 0.3 indicates cardiac muscle damageProthrombin timecontrol: 9.5-11.8 therapeutic: 13.5-23 dangerous: more than 25APTTnormal: 25-36 therapeutic: 1.5-2.5 times normalINRcontrol: 1-2 therapeutic: 3.5 dangerous: more than 4Na136-145K3.5-5Magnesium1.4-2.1Calcium8.5-10.5Normal pH7.35-7.45Acidosisless than 7.35Alkalosismore than 7.352 hr post prandial blood sugar140Thyroid testsT3, T4, TSHStool guaiacblood test stool/emesisUrinalysispH 4.5-8, specific gravity 1.005-1.020Serum protein5.5-8Serum albumin3.5-5.5Iron60-180Cholesterolless than 200HDLmore than 35LDL130, less than 100 is desirableTriglycerides160Lithiumtoxicity is more than 2.5ALT0-35SGOT0-35LDH60-100Amylase23-85Bilirubindirect: 0.1-0.3 total: 0.3-1Uric acid1.5-8Cause of metabolic acidosisdiabetic DKACause of metabolic alkalosisvomiting/NG tube/gastric surgeryCause of respiratory acidosisCOPDCause of respiratory alkalosishyperventilationWhat should you avoid before a stool test for occult blood?red meat, aspirin, and iron for at least 3 days before the test