Blood Spatter Test Review

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Type ABBlood cells have both A and B antigen proteins, 4% of populationType OBlood cells have neither A nor B antigen proteins, 45% of population, universal donorRh+Have an additional surface protein called the Rh factor, 85% of populationRh-Lack the additional surface protein resulting in Rh-, 15% of populationWhich test produces light when possible blood is present?LuminolWhich test uses antibodies that react to human blood to tell if mammal blood is from a human?The ELISA testWhich test reacts with blood stains and turns pink if blood is present?The Kastle- Meyer TestWho was the first to research and analyze spatter patterns?Dr. Victor BalthazardWho discovered the ABO and Rh blood groups?Karl LandsteinerEgyptians used what technique to try to cure diseases?BloodlettingBlood typing is considered what kind of evidence?Class evidenceWhat components of RBCs carry oxygen?HemoglobinBlood is red because it contains what components?ironBlood is considered to be a type of...?TissueWhen there are two or more blood spatters, how can a forensic scientist determine the point of origin of blood source?The direction of blood spatter by drawing lines of convergenceHow can blood be used as individual evidence? Explain.Blood can be used as individual evidence because of DNA profiling and can help identify a suspectA forensic detective finds blood at a crime scene with unique blood protein M. Does this make his job easier or more difficult? Explain why or why not.The unique protein would make it easier to identify the suspect because not everyone will have it.If a person has type A blood, who can they donate blood to? Who can they get a blood transfusion from?A can donate to A and AB, they can receive from O and AWhich type of cell is most abundant in blood?Red Blood cellsWhich type of blood cells fights disease as part of the immune system?White blood cellsYou find bloody clothing at a crime scene and you want to send it back to the lab for testing, what should you do?You should allow it to completely Air DryYou find a red stain at a crime scene but you are not sure if it is blood. What should you do?confirm that it is blood, The ELISA TestWhen first arriving at a crime scene, you do not see blood. What should you do?You should spray LuminolWhere in the body is blood produced?Blood is produced in bone MarrowBlood is made of what percent cells and what percent plasma?Blood is made of 45% cells and 55% plasmaWhat is the study of blood applied to crime called?Forensic SerologyWho should be most concerned with the condition Erythroblastosis fetalis?Males with Rh positive with females with Rh negativeWhat type of WBC is activated during an antigen-antibody response?B-lymphocytes release antibodies to attack the foreign substanceDuring an antigen-antibody response, what binds to and destroys the foreign invaders?antibodiesLooking at blood through a microscope, how can you determine if it is from a mammal?Mammals have circular, un-nucleated red blood cellsBlood spatter larger than 4mm is common with what injury?A blunt object impactMedium velocity blood spatter measuring 1-4mm is common with what type of injury?Beating or StabbingIf blood lands on a porous surface, such as wood or ceiling tile, then the edge of the drop of blood may form extensions called...spikesThe Rh factor was discovered when studying which organism's blood?Rhesus MonkeyCircular blood drops are common with what type of injury?A dripping woundA circular drop of blood indicates a blood drop fell how?Straight downSmall secondary droplets around the main blood spatter drop are called:Satellite DropsWhen blood falls, it maintains what shape and why?Round, it sticks together when it fallsBlood platelets serve what function?They assist in clotting and repair damaged blood vessels.Blood plasma is made mostly of what components?90% water, 10% nutrients, dissolved proteins, and wasteWhich type of blood cells fights disease as part of the immune system?White blood cellsWhich type of cell is most abundant in blood? WBC, RBC, platelets?Red Blood CellsBlood is considered to be a type of what? Tissue, organ, organ system, organismTissueWhy is blood red?It contains red blood cells which contain hemoglobin that is made of IronWhat components of RBCs carry oxygen?HemoglobinBlood typing is considered what kind of evidence?class evidenceType O can donate toA, B, AB, OType A can donate toA, ABType B can donate toB, ABType AB can donate toAB