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An earthquake takes place in the lithosphere.
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Nepal has the least favorable balance of trade.What is interesting about Nepal's trade?Maldives has to import the most food products.Who has the most food imported to their state?The population of India is steadily increasing.Whats going on with India's population?Due to overuse and Hindu religious practices, the Ganges River has become one of the most polluted rivers in the world.How did the Ganges become so polluted?Houses built on stilts in Bangladesh represent the geographic concept of adaptation to the environment.How have some places tried to adapt to their surroundings?The largest cities in India are located in Southwest and Northeast India.What is a good example of towns being founded on bodies of water?The Deccan Plateau has a lower population density than other regions due to the rugged landforms making access difficult.Why does everyone in the Deccan Plateau live so close together?Since the literacy rate for women has been rising, one can infer that the education for women is improving.What sign does the rate in literacy for women show?Flood zones occur in India along rivers where silting creates low lying areas that easily flood from snowmelt and monsoon rains.What does silting cause?India has been slow to develop economically due to a lack of natural resources in much of the country.Whats up with India and developing their economy?