The holding capacity of working memory is often said to be
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You decide to order pizza and look up the number for a local pizza place. You repeat the number to yourself, but just before you dial the number, you are interrupted by a text from your friend. You quickly read the text, but then realize you have forgotten the number. The text led you to forget the number because the number was
The short-term storage of verbal materials is often supported by the rehearsal loop. The short-term storage of mental images is accomplished bythe visuospatial buffer.On her way home, Veronica decided to go to the grocery store but couldn't write a shopping list because she was driving. She came up with several possible ways to remember what she needed to buy (listed in the answer choices). Which of her ideas is NOT a simple mnemonic strategy?imagining what she can cook with all of the items on the list and imagining what all the food would taste likeMaintenance rehearsal ispoorly suited for delayed recall, even if you knew you would be tested.Which is of the following is most effective for long-term retention?elaborative rehearsalWhat is an advantage of trying to learn something using deep (meaning-related) processing rather than strategies like mnemonics?It creates more retrieval paths for the memory.What causes the primacy effect?Words that get more attention are better encoded into long-term memory.Which of the following types of processing for a target word will probably lead to the best memory performance?generating a sentence that uses the target wordWhich of the following is FALSE with respect to sensory memory?It has a very small capacity, storing only the equivalent of a letter or two at a time.Which event will improve long-term memory performance during a free-recall task?slowing down the presentation of the listWhich of the following is a FALSE statement about the memory strategy of "chunking"?Practice with chunking can greatly increase the actual size of an individual's working memory.According to the modal model, all of the following are true EXCEPT thatthe size of short-term memory can be expanded with sufficient practice.Which of the following pieces of evidence would NOT be consistent with claims about the articulatory rehearsal loop?Repeating a nonsense syllable over and over interferes with the ability to hold a sequence of abstract shapes in working memory.Which of the following is true of gender differences in memory?Many gender differences can be explained by differences in attention prioritiesWhy does elaborative encoding facilitate recall?It provides many potential retrieval paths.What factor about a person will best predict the long-term recall of newly learned complex information about biology?previous related biology knowledge