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Test Thursday, June 9. This is just the underlined/bolded parts of the PowerPoint ~~ Part II ~~

Little Emperors

current generation in China that was created by the one child policy


ethnicity that makes up 92% of Chinese

Workshop of the World

nickname for China meaning that it is heavily dependent on industrial production


currency of China that is undervalued which makes chinese goods cheap, but makes it hard for the Chinese to buy other products

Civil Law

how chinese use personal relationships and confucian ethics to mediate many disputes, essentially replacing this

Criminal Law

the concept of innocent until proven guilty was introduced in 1996, revolutionizing this type of law

April-May 1989

two months of student protests for democracy, utilize hunger strikes, catalyzed by the death of reformer Hu Yaobang


continent where China is investing in copiously, trying to secure resources

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