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  1. inundate
  2. meander
  3. taunt
  4. credible
  5. impoverished
  1. a to flood, overflow; to overwhelm by numbers or size
  2. b to jeer at, mock; an insulting or mocking remark
  3. c poor, in a state of poverty; depleted
  4. d to wander about, wind about
  5. e believable

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  1. the highest point, tip
  2. to shape or cut down with an ax; to hold to
  3. to hold back
  4. an arrival; a coming into place or view
  5. very important

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  1. tenaciousholding fast; holding together firmly; persistent


  2. superfluousexceeding what is sufficient or required, excess


  3. intricateto flood, overflow; to overwhelm by numbers or size


  4. surlyangry and bad tempered; rude


  5. supplantto take the place of, supersede