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  1. credible
  2. supplant
  3. assimilate
  4. momentous
  5. shoddy
  1. a believable
  2. b to absorb fully or make one's own; to adopt as one's own; to adapt fully
  3. c of poor quality; characterized by inferior workmanship
  4. d to take the place of, supersede
  5. e very important

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  1. never stopping, going on all the time
  2. to flood, overflow; to overwhelm by numbers or size
  3. slavery; any state of being bound or held down
  4. unreasonably high; excessive
  5. "farewell;" a farewell

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  1. lucidoverly neat, precise, proper, or formal


  2. intricatecomplicated; difficult to understand


  3. malignto speak evil of, slander


  4. dolefulfalse, counterfeit


  5. sprightlyangry and bad tempered; rude