Wigs & Hair Enhancements

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In order to make sure the client will be satisfied with the wig service, it is essential that you understand the client's:
When burning human hair, it burns:
Slowly and with strongn odor
When burning synthetic hair it will either ball up, melt, or burn:
Quickly and with no odor
Wigs that are hand knotted into fine-mesh foundation are called:
Cap wigs
Synthetic wigs are generally considered to be:
A great value
Kanekalon is considered to be a:
Synthetic fiber
Hair additinos that can add length, volume,texture, or color and are worn for longer periods of time are:
Hair extensions
Hairpieces that may be applid semi-permanently and used to cover the top of the head and crown of the head are:
Before taking measurement for the fitting of a wig, it is necessary to:
Brush and pin hair tightly to scalp
After the preparation,the frist step in taking measurement for a wig is to measure:
circumference of the head
The last step in taking measurements for a wig is to measure:
Width of the napeline
one disadvantage of wig made of human hair is its reaction to:
The most expensive wigs are those made of:
Human hair
When all hair strands in a wig are sewn in the some direction with the cuticles all sloping away from the wig base, the hair is considered to be
Shampooing a synthetic wig in ______ will not change the style;nor will exposure to extreme humidity.
Cold water
For wigs, _____ cutting is more controlled and technical.
When styling a human hair wig, always set the styling tool on
All synthetic haircolors used for wigs and hairpieces are are standardized according to the ___ colors on the haircolor ring used by the wig and hairpiece manufacturers.
If you are going to custom-color a wig made of human hair the hair should have been.
Decolorized or Bleached
There are two ways to attach toupees including tape and clips or:
Weaving, Tracks, adhesive
In classis body proportions, the ratio of head size to body is:
1 to 7
During a client consultation for hair enhancements, it is a best if the client is in
her street clothes
Human hair wags can distinguished from synthetic hair wigs by a simple:
Match test
The advantages of human hair wags over synthic wigs include:
Greater durability
Synthetic wigs have many advantages over human hair wigs, such as:
Pre-set cut, color, & texture
The human hair that is considered top of line for wigs is:
Virgin Europen hair
An animal hair whose natural white color lends itself to adding fantasy color is:
Yak Hair
The second most cost hair available for wigs is from:
India & Asia
Indian hair is naturally:
Cuticle-intact hair is more expensive because the hair is:
Turned hair
Cap Wigs
Wigs consisting of elasticized mesh-fiber bases to which the hair is attached.
The hair addition that consists of row of weft sewn to elatic strips in a circular pattern is a:
Capless wig
Wigs that most closely resemble actual human hair growth are:
Wigs that are a combination of synthetic hair and hand-tied human hair are:
semi-hand-tied wigs
The method of wig construction that is the least expensive is the:
Machine-made wigs
Two methods used to prepare the hair for putting on a wig are the hair wrap and:
Pin Curls
When shampooing a wig, you may use a/an:
Gentle shampoo
When you cut and style a wig, the wig should be placed on a block during:
When styling a wig, the aim is to make it look:
If you are going to custom-color a human hair wig, you should use hair that has been:
Decolorized or bleached
If you use an oxidizing haircolor on hair that has been treated with metallic dye, the:
Hair will swell & smoke
A human hair wig should not be permed if it has been:
Tread with metallic dye
A hairpiece
sits on top of the hair
A hair addition with an opening in the base through which the client's own hair is pulled to blend with the added hair is called a/an:
Integration hairpiece
Hairpieces particularly suited for men with severe hair los, but that are also worn by women, are:
Hair extensions are attached to the:
Base of the hair
In the track-and-sew method, hair extensions are attached to:
On-the-scalp braids
the method of attaching hair wefts or single strands with an adhesive or glue is called:
Before you apply bonded extensions, always perform a:
Patch test
Extension hair is bonded to the client's own hair with material activated by special heating tool in the method called:
The wig service cost and maintenance should be discussed during the:
Client consultation
The artificial covering that covers 100 percent of the top or crown of the head is a(n):
A small hair addition used to cover the top or crown of the head is a(n):
The fastest way to determine whether a strand of hair is synthetic is to:
Burn it with a match
With exposure, the color of homan hair wigs may:
Synthetic wig that are particularly durable are made out of:
the most expensive wigs are constructed using:
human hair
The root ends of hair with the cuticle placed in the some direction to prevent tangling is:
Turn Hair
A hand-knotted wig constructed for secure fit with an elasticized mashfiber base is a:
Cap wig
The hand-tied method of wig construction resembles actual hair growth with:
Flexibility at the root are
A head-shaped form used for securing wig is a:
When mounting a wig to a block, the wig should be pinned evenly using:
T-shaped pins
When performing a haircutting procedure on a wig, the general goal is to make the wig:
Look realistic
Recommended styling products for wigs should be formulated for:
Color-Treated hair
Before placing the wig on the headthe hair should be:
Flat & even
When shampooing the wig, avoid shampoos that have a(n):