Chapter 8, 9, 10 Reading Quiz Questions

What mountain system in Europe is the centerpiece of its topographic spine?
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Which of the following climate types characterizes both Paris and Belfast?Marine West CoastWhich countries, on a per capita basis (of native population), have accepted the largest number of migrants granted asylum?Norway and SwedenWhich European country has the largest population?GermanyWhich of the following examples would be considered a devolutionary force?A referendum calling for Scottish independenceWhich of the following countries in Europe has the highest Human Development Index (HDI) score?NorwayWhich of the following outcomes will most likely occur as a result of Europe's current natural growth rates?Reduced funding for social servicesWhich of the following religions is growing the fastest in Europe?IslamGreece has been bailed out by other European countries a number of times as a result of its debt crisis. Which of the following outcomes occurred in Greece as a response of these bailouts?Increase in taxesThe fertile soils found below 50°N latitude in Eurasia are calledChernozem soilsWhat physical feature marks the Eastern boundary of the cultural subregion known as "European Russia" and separates it from Siberia?The Ural MountainsWhich of the following is the primary factor that shapes Eurasia's climate, vegetation, and agriculture?Latitudinal positionFrom where do the majority of undocumented immigrants who have moved to Russia come?Former Soviet republics in Central AsiaWhich of the following goals best describes the political motive behind the Soviet policy of Russification?To create significant Russian minorities loyal to the Soviet leaders in non-Russian regionsWhat are mikrorayons?Large, Soviet-era housing projects of the 1970s and 1980sWhich of the following statements is true regarding language in Ukraine?Ukrainian-speaking people primarily reside in wester Ukraine while Russian-speaking people reside in eastern UkraineWhich of the following regions is located in the cultural hearth of the Russian Empire?Western RussiaHow did the fall of the Soviet Union affect the patterns and practice of religion in Russia?There had been a revival of the Orthodox ChurchWhich of the following countries was never part of the former Soviet Union?AfghanistanWhich region of Russia is an exclave?KaliningradWhich of the following has not happened with the fall of the Soviet Union?Life expectancy has increased with access to private health careThe economy of the Soviet Union followedCentralized economic planningWhat has become the primary destination for Russian petroleum products in the 21st century?Western EuropeSince 2009, public protests have challenged President Putin's authority in Russia. The urban middle class, human rights groups, and opposition political parties are concerned with Putin's strong-arm leadership style ad increasingly close ties to what group or organization?The silovikiWhich two nations control the access to the majority of the freshwater of Central Asia?Kyrgystan and TajikistanWhich of the following physical features characterizes most of Central Asia?plains and basinsGeographers attribute the shrinking of the Aral Sea primarily to which of the following causes?diversion of water for irrigationThe pastoral nomads of the mountains of Central Asia base their economy on what?TranshumanceWhere do the majority of people in Xinjiang's Tarim Basin live?Along the edges of the basinWhy is most of Central Asia sparsely populated?Large areas of desert or highland are too harsh to support human lifeWhich of the following statements is true regarding the ethnolinguistic geography of Afghanistan?The Tajik, who speak Indo-European language, tend to be located in northeaster AfghanistanWhich of the following languages is Uzbek and Kyrgyz most closely related to?TurkishTibetan Buddhism is different from other forms of Buddhism because it is more oriented toward mysticism and it is more tightly organized, with the Dalai Lama as its spiritual leader. What other country in Central Asia practices this particular form of Buddhism?MongoliaWhat group's in-migration is reshaping the cultural and economic geographies of both China's northwestern autonomous provinces of Xinjiang, and western province of Xizang (Tibet)?Indians escaping overpopulation in South AsiaWhich country in Central Asia has been the scene of constant geopolitical strife for more than 4 decades?AfghanistanWhich of the following methods did the Soviet Union and China use in order to consolidate their control over territory and population in Central Asia?Both created "autonomous" regionsKazakhstan is Central Asia's most developed country. From which of the following activities did Kazakhstan derive much of its wealth?Development of oil and gas resources, as well as being the home of the Baikonur CosmodromeWhich of the following statements regarding Afghanistan's current economic situation is correct?Afghanistan produces most of the world's opiumWhich of the following statements regarding women's rights in Afghanistan is correct?Under Afghanistan's new constitution, 25% of parliamentary seats are reserved for women