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  1. Theory
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Kingdom
  4. Law
  5. Independent Variable
  1. a An EXPLANATION that has survived repeated testing
  2. b A concise statement that DESCRIBES a large body of observations
  3. c Experimental variable, what you test on the experimental group to see if makes a difference
  4. d The broad taxonomic category above phylum or division and below domain
  5. e A reasonable explanation supported by observation and/or research

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  1. The branch of biology concerned with identifying, naming, and classifying species
  2. An organism that makes organic food molecules through photosynthesis (p. 3)
  3. A structure that performs a specific function in a cell.
  4. An idea is said to be this when there is some way to check its validity
  5. A unit of living matter separated from its environment by a boundary called a membrane (p. 2)

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  1. Organ systemAn individual living thing (p. 2)


  2. OrganismA structure consisting of several tissues adapted as a group to perform specific functions (p. 2)


  3. FalsifiableAn idea is said to be this when there is some observation or experiment that COULD show that it is not true


  4. BiosphereThe total of all the environments on earth that support life (p. 2)


  5. ProkaryoteA type of cell lacking a membrane-enclosed nucleus and other membrane-enclosed organelles