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  1. Theory
  2. Organ system
  3. Ecosystem
  4. Science
  5. Community
  1. a Consists of several organs that work together in performing a specific function (p. 2)
  2. b An EXPLANATION that has survived repeated testing
  3. c The entire array of organisms inhabiting an ecosystem (p. 2)
  4. d Systematic knowledge gained by the use of reason based on observation
  5. e Consists of all the organisms living in a particular area, as well as the nonliving, physical components of the environment with which the organisms interact (p. 2)

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  1. A group whose members possess similar anatomical characteristics and have the ability to interbreed
  2. A concise statement that DESCRIBES a large body of observations
  3. The broad taxonomic category above phylum or division and below domain
  4. The total of all the environments on earth that support life (p. 2)
  5. A structure that performs a specific function in a cell (p. 2)

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  1. OrganelleA structure that performs a specific function in a cell.


  2. FalsifiableAn idea is said to be this when there is some observation or experiment that COULD show that it is not true


  3. Emergent PropertiesNew properties that emerge with each step upward in the hierarchy of life, owing to the arrangement and interactions of parts as complexity increases (p. 4)


  4. OrganAn individual living thing (p. 2)


  5. HypothesisAn EXPLANATION that has survived repeated testing