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Marriage and Family Test 2

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"Everything's there except money"
· In depth interviews with 115 working class and lower middle-class cohabiting (or recently cohabiting) couples in Toledo, OH
o Not just poor couples
o Only cohabiting couples
· Examining the link between economic circumstances and marital decision-making
· Five major economic issues cohabiters believe are important for marriage
o Having enough __
- About 1/3 of those citing economic factors as prerequisite for marriage said they needed money to be in place
- Being "comfortable"
- Paying down debt, catching up on bills, student loans
o Paying for a "__ __"
- 1/5 of those mentioning economic issues as important for getting married mentioned the cost of a wedding
- ... plus, the honeymoon, engagement ring, etc.
- Church wedding vs. downtown/courthouse wedding
§ Not a religious thing
§ "... that's the poor people way"
- Parents do not or cannot pay for wedding expenses
o Achieving set of __ __ prior to marriage
- Not just having enough money
- Yes, money, but also good jobs, home, car, schooling completed
§ "... we gotta have everything we need before we say 'Let's get married"
- 22% of people mentioning economic issues as prerequisites for marriage mention homeownership
o Male needs to be __ __
- Gendered
§ Women more concerned about partner's job than their own by 3 to 1
§ Despite higher gender egalitarianism among cohabiters
- Mentioned by 1/3 of those who mentioned an economic prerequisite for marriage
o Lack of money as source of __ & __
- ¼ said money was a source of conflict in relationship
- Accords with social scientific findings on economic distress and marital quality