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North (Advantage)

Had almost 4 times as many free citizens

South (Advantage)

Defending their homeland gave them a strong reason to fight

North (Advantage)

Had many people to grow food and to work in factories making supplies

South (Advantage)

Had skills that made them good soldiers

North (Advantage)

Had more than 70% of the nation's rail lines

South (Advantage)

Many of the best officers in the United States were from the South

North (Advantage)

Had a strong navy and a large fleet of private trading ships

South (Disadvantage)

Had few factories to produce weapons, railroad tracts, and other supplies

North (Disadvantage)

Northern soldiers had to conquer a huge area to bring the South back into the Union

South (Disadvantage)

Had few railroads to move troops and vital supplies

North (Disadvantage)

They were invading unfamiliar land

South (Disadvantage)

The South had a small population, about 9 million lived in the Confederacy and 22 million in the Union

South (Disadvantage)

More than 1/3rd of the population was enslaved; therefore they had fewer people that could be soldiers

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