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  1. Philistines
  2. circa 1000 B.C.
  3. Famine
  4. Solomon
  5. Sinai Desert
  1. a Cause of Jews migrating to Egypt
  2. b Jerusalem captured or founded by King David
  3. c Located between Egypt and Israel; location of Mt. Sinai
  4. d Warlike enemies of Israelites (Goliath's people)
  5. e 3rd king of Israel; known for wisdom; son of David

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  1. Migration of many Jews out of Israel
  2. Place where Judaism was founded
  3. The date of the Exodus
  4. Founder of Judaism
  5. Slayer of Goliath; 2nd king of Israel

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  1. Mt. SinaiBasic, important belief


  2. TenetBasic, important belief


  3. Ten CommandmentsBasic, important belief


  4. MosesBasic, important belief


  5. TalmudSlayer of Goliath; 2nd king of Israel


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