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Al primer golpe de vista

At first glance

Cantarle las cuarenta

To tell someone off

Cargar la mano

To overcharge, crack down, to be too strict

Con la corazón en la mano

In all frankness

Costar un ojo de la cara

To cost an arm and a leg

Creerse el/la muy muy, Creerse la muerte

To think highly of oneself

De buenas a primeras

Suddenly (and unexpectedly), right off the bat, from the very start

De todos modos

Anyway, at any rate

Echarle flores a alguien

To flatter someone, butter someone up

Echarse flores

To flatter oneself


To get all dressed up

Estar emperifollado/a

To dress to kill

Estar harto/a de alguien

To be fed up with someone, to be sick and tired of someone

Estar sin un quinto (peso)

To be flat broke


Come one!

Jalarse de los pelos

To squabble, fight ("to pull from one's hairs")

Llevarle/seguirle la corriente

To humor someone ("to carry the current")

Llevarse bien

To get along well with someone ("to carry oneself well with")

Llevarse mal

To get along poorly with someone ("to carry oneself poorly with")

Meterse con

To pick a fight with


To get involved

Morderse la lengua

To hold or control one's tongue ("to bite one's tongue")

Nadar entre dos aguas

To be undecided, on the fence

No morderse la lengua

Get to the point

Patinarle el coco

To be missing a screw, to be slipping ("to spin one's coconut")

Ponerse rojo/a, ponerse colorado/a

To blush, get red in the face

¿Qué mosca te pica?

What's eating you?

Sentarle como anillo al dedo

To fit like a glove

Venir como anillo al dedo

To be just what the doctor ordered, to be what one was hoping for

Sobre gustos no hay nada escrito

To each his own (when it comes to tastes, there are no rules)

Un día de estos

One of these days

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