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If you have 36" Uppers what size are the Bridges for a Flush Design?Wall Cabinet Bridge height 18"What are the Tall Cabinets height we offer?84" 90" 96"What kind of tall oven Cabinets do we offer?Single oven tower, Double oven tower, Oven and micro tower.What kind of Tall utility cabinets do we offer?Tall Shelf cabinets and Roll out Shelf cabinetsHow tall is the Bottom half section of all Utility Cabinets?49.5 inchesHow wide is a single door tall cabinet?18" in widthWhat are your width options for a 2 door tall cabinet?24" and 30"A customer would like a pantry cabinet but wants it 18" in depth what cabinet do you use?Use a tall utility cabinet and cut it back to desired depthHow much space do you need for a blind base to function properly with adjacent cabinet?3 inches is preferredHow wide are fillers?3" and 6" wide and 3/4" thick.hoodwhat is a vent?A vent is a small appliance above stove with a bridge cabinet above.Is everything we offer soft close?All Doors and Drawers will be soft close. 45* tilt drawer is not soft close.When a customer is getting a cooktop and wants a drawer base will the top drawer full open?No the Top drawer will not open at all. it will be a False front only.What Full Height Base Cabinets do we offer?BT9 B12 B15 B18 B21 B24 B27 B30 B33 B36Are all our shelves adjustable in our cabinets?Yes.what size Farm Sink base do we use?FSB36Do we use a 36 or 42 for Diagonal sinks?We use a 42" diagonal sink front only.Inside cabinet finish?UV Coated Natural Interior protects from water and gives it a smooth finish.Cabinet Warrenty?We offer a 1 year warranty on all your hinges and slides.what are the Drawer base Sizes offered?12,15,18,21,24,30,36what is the depth of a drawer box on a 3 drawer base?The top Drawer will be 3.25" bottom drawers will be 8.25"