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soldiers subject to policy letter 17 earn privileges, and are not
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Three or more MOS-I Soldiers moving in military uniform willmarch in formation with the senior Soldier executing proper drill and ceremony instructions. (Single File)MOS-I Soldiers are prohibited from using, possessing, or purchasing alcoholic beverages on or off-post. An exception is provided forreligious sacrament in a religious ceremony conducted by recognized religious leaders.Barton Field is off-limits to MOS-I Soldiersduring hours of darkness to ensure safety and security.all MOS-I Soldiers residing in the barracks are prohibited from possessing televisions and monitors with screens larger than24 inches. Each television or monitor must be able to be secured in a wall locker.on/off post, no female and male soldierwill be alone together in any environmentWhile On-Post, to include On-Post passes, all MOS-I Soldiers will have at leastone battle buddy at ALL timesMixed-gender Battle Buddy teams are ONLY AUTHORIZED whenan MOS-I Soldier has no availability to a Battle Buddy of the same gender. In such a rare instance, a Cadre member must approve the teaming of a female Soldier with two male Soldiers or a male Soldier with two female Soldiers (referred to as the 2:1 ratio rule).An MOS-I Soldier traveling Off-Post, including Off-Post passes but excluding approved leave, will have at leastTWO battle buddies at ALL TIMES; all off-post battle buddy teams will consist of soldiers of the same gender.are relationships / fraternization allowed between MOS-I soldiers even though it's consensual?relationship or association between MOS-I Soldiers that involve actual or attempted consensual contact or socializing is prohibited.Phase IV begins upon the MOS-I Soldier's arrival to their MOS-producing unit of assignment and lasts through the first3!! THREE WEEKS!The standard uniform for Phase IV isOCP, Phase Badge, and an approved military issued hydration source (e.g. Camelback).Wear of civilian clothes is in which policy letter?policy letter 19!!!Phase V+ generally begins at week11! WEEK ELEVEN!!!!phase IV, V and V+28 NOT ALLOWED ATBarton Field during hours of darkness, Class VI (Class 6 at PX)Store, Gordon Club (except official functions),Outdoor Pool, Installation, BOSS Headquarters, MWR Lounges / Sports, Bars (incl. Heroes Lounge), Stinson Hall, Ring Hall, Griffith Hall, Training Areas, Wilkerson LakePhase privileges for MOS-I Soldiers may be suspended or revoked based onpending UCMJ or adverse administrative action, immaturity, poor military bearing, or safety concerns.The Drill/Platoon Sergeant and/or Squad Leader may suspend any or all of a MOS-I Soldier's phase privileges for up to72 HOURS!! SEVENTY TWO HOURS!! 3 DAYS!!the first sergeant / battalion commander can suspend the phase privileges from a soldier up to14 days!!!!! FOURTEEN DAYS!!! 2 WEEKS!headphones can be a max size of1 and 1/2 inch