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What is the relationship between gas mileage and aerodynamic aspects?

(a.) Good aerodynamics, good gas mileage

How are gas prices related to the sales of hybrids?

(e.) Both b and d

What is the coefficient of friction in this experiment?

(d.) 0.734

How many G's does a car experience in a turn?

(c.) up to .9 G's

How many G's does an average car experience during acceleration?

(a.) up to .5 G's

What speed is needed to bottom out the front of the Grand Prix on the speed bump?

(c.) 104 mph

What factor determine the stress put on a shock?

(e.) All of the above

Why do car's experience more G force then ATV's?

(d.) Both A and B

Which vehicles springs do the least work?

(b.) Can-am Outlander 800 ATV

Sales of SUVs __________ when gas prices rise?

(c.) Decrease

What two weapons does Zach Herriges have in the first slide?

(d.) Bat and Shotgun

What was the max draw length before let off of Mitch's bow?

(a.) 10.154 in

How much work, roughly, did Chuck do when pulling his bow back?

(b.) 912 in-lbs

How much work, roughly, did Mitch do when pulling his bow back?

(c.) 712 in-lbs

What is a consequence of a dry fire?

(d.) Broken Limbs

What helps the arrow fly straight and true?

(a.) Fletching

How long was a typical longbow arrow shaft?

(d.) 3 ft

Which cam allows for higher velocity?

(a.) Hard

How many destructions of property were there during the making of this project?

(c.) 2

Who has the sexiest bod?

(e.) The shotgun Zach is holding

How does Tony die?

(c.) Blood Loss

According to KEvan (EvanK), is it okay to use NINT?

(c.) Never

The following is the work integral that we used to calculate the work required to lift he blade to its original height: ∫_0^13.86▒〖[8+ .011465(21.86-y) ] dy〗. Using this, what is the weight of the blade?

(c.) 8

What is the first step to calculate speed?

(c.) Finding 〈(x^' (t),y^' (t)〉

What topic was dropped?

(d.) Sound

At what degree did we start the pendulum?

(c.) 90°

What was special about the horizontal maximums?

(a.) They were all the same

Why did Evil Paula die when Yolanda died?

(d.) Tony's Theorem

How many stages of hypovolemic shock are there?

(e.) 4

Why couldn't we use the Gatorade container?
I) The spigot was faulty
II) It was too heavy
III) The pressure wasn't sufficient

(b.) I & III

How many rulers did we use to measure the volume of the ball?

(b.) 3

How many players (max) can a team have on the field during a soccer game?

(b.) 11

Which size ball did Georgi kick the farthest (avg)?

(b.) size 4

Which was not an explanation to why our spin data was inconsistent?

(d.) ball size

In what country was soccer founded?

(a.) England

What is the principle that affects the flight trajectory of the ball?

(a.) Bernoulli's

What are the 3 sizes of balls mentioned during the presentation?

(a.) 3,4,5

According to our data, was there a relationship between back-spin and hang time?

(a.) No

According to the coach of the Philadelphia Union, how many players can each team have that don't have to apply to the salary cap?

(a.) 3

What team does Pablo Mastroeini play for?

(a.) Colorado Rapids

Who invented the catapult?

(d.) Greeks

If the mass of an arm and projectile weigh 10 kilograms, the radius at the end of the arm is 1 meter, and the rotational acceleration is 5 m/s2, what is the torque on the arm?

(a.) T = 50 Nm/s

How did we get the speed of the projectile being launched?

(b.) (Xp^2 + Yp^2)^1/2

What does arc length mean?

(a.) Total distance traveled

Check Michael's math:
Michael says that a springs force is gauged by dividing the springs length by the slope of the force to length ratio. F = kx

(a.) True

Check Dan's math:
The derivative of velocity is accelleration.

(a.) True

Check Ally's math:
Kinetic Energy is one half the rotational inertia times the square of rotational velocity.

(a.) True

Check figs' math:
The derivative of 2 is sin(x2)2+Doug.

(b.) False

Whose dad helped provide a shop in which to build the catapult?

(a.) Dan Noelck

Who is responsible for breaking the catapult?

(b.) Brad Helm

How far is the farthest you can get from a McDonalds?

107 miles

Which state is this furthest distance from mcdos?

Plains of South Dakota

Who has worked at McDonalds?

Jay Leno, Pink. Shania Twain, Rachel McAdams

Who owns a McDonalds?

Queen of England

When will they sell a trillion burgers?


When will burger sales reach the world population?


How many hamburgers do they sell per second?


What are they the united states largest purchaser of?

Potatoes, apples, beef

How many countries are they located in?


Where is the greek mac from?


Where do they sell beer?


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