Using Quotation Marks

Rules and examples of using quotation marks in dialogue.
Rule 1: Use quotation marks before and after the...
exact words in a direct quotation.
Rule 1 (Example)
"For centuries people dreamed of flying," Iris said.
Rule 2: Use quotation marks with both parts of a...
divided quotation.
Rule 2 (Example)
"Leonardo Davinci," said Ray, "drew plans of flying machines."
Rule 3: Use a comma or commas to separate a phrase...
such as "he said" from the quotation itself.
Rule 3 (Example)
Chad said, "Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the airplane."
Rule 3 (Example)
"It was a great advance for civilization," Lou said.
Rule 4: Place a period inside...
closing quotation marks.
Rule 4 (Example)
Ed said, "An Air Force captain made the first supersonic flight."
Rule 5: Place a question mark or an exclamation point inside the quotation marks when...
it is part of the quotation.
Rule 5 (Example)
Amy asked, "When did jumbo jets begin carrying passengers?"
Rule 6: Place a question mark or exclamation point outside the quotation marks when...
it is used as part of the entire sentence.
Rule 6 (Example)
Did I really hear Sam say, "Jumbo jets are just big airplanes"?