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the rebirth


the belief that latin and greek classics held all lessons needed for one to live a moral and complete life, dante alighieri


artistic term that means artists could represent three different planes throughout an artwork on a flat surface


secular humanist who wrote the courtier -> told how a perfect renaissance gentleman should be

leonardo da vinci

famous artist, writer, architect, inventor, engineer, mathematician, musician, philosopher. "mona lisa"


famous sculptor, david -> 13 foot marble statue, painting on the ceiling of the sistine chapel -> biblical and christ-like figures

raphael sanzio

painter and architect, fresco -> painting over wet plaster (on a wall), most famous work -> school of athens


italian painter -> "birth of venus"

johannes gutenburg

german inventor and printor, invented movable type (printing press?), first publication -> bible

albrecht durer

german artist, painted in oils and carved wood, fabric, other materials

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