Colonization Vocabulary and People Places Things and Events

32 terms by mslabella

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Vocabulary and People, Places, Things, and Events for Colonization Test


A settlement under the control of a parent country


A plan; permission to start a colony


An area made up of places with similar characteristics

Cash Crops

Easily grown and sold for a large profit; such as wheat, indigo, rice, tobacco, and cotton

Indentured Servitude

An agreement to exchange labor for travel expenses an/or job training for a certain amount of time


A large farm that often used slave labor


Widespread illness


Freedom from others control


Forced labor for no pay

Representational Government

A government in which people vote for thier leaders


A government ruled by a king or queen


A place of safety


To ship out trade goods to other countries


To ship in trade goods from other countries


Wants to break away and start somethiing new


A plant used for blue dye; successful cash crop grown on southern plantations


Richness and growth


1st successful English Colony


Native American who helped settlers at Jamestown


Protestants who wanted to simplify thier religion and purify the Church of England


Puritans who wanted to break away from the Church of England and create thier own


The early English settlers of New England. Many were separatists


A colony created by the first Pilgrims in what is now Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Mayflower Compact

An agreement tot follow all fair laws agreed upon for the Plymouth Colony; signed by the men on the Mayflower


Signed a peace treaty with Plymouth settlers and helped them get food

Charter of Liberties

A plan for Pennsylvanias government; served as a model later for the US government.


1st English attempt at a colony; mysteriously disappeared

Sir Walter Raleigh

Led the Roanoke colonists

Captain John Smith

Leader of Jamestown

William Penn

Led Quakers, founded Pennsylvania


Protestant group that settled in Pennsylvania. They believed strongly in non-violence and equality

Triangle Trade

Trade routes between North America, Europe, and Africa that involved slavery

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