Music for Stage and Screen

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Tonal ConstantMusic that is _____ and ____ is used to back up scenes in which good or happy events take place.Atonal DissonantMusic that is ______ and/or _____ is used in scenes that are sad or evil.Underscoring Reflecting____________ the action along with ___________ emotion are the most common functions of music in film and television.IntensifyMusic can also be used to _______ the pace of the film, such as in Psycho where Bernard uses violins in the shower scene or in Carrie when Carrie kills her mother.RelaxAs well as intensifying the pace of the film, music can also _____ the pace. In Carrie, when her friend brings flowers to her grave.AtmosphereMusic if often used to create an ____ of a time and place, such as in The Mission, when native drums and flutes are used.ComedyMusic can be funky and silly to create ____ like in Oscar when Bernstein uses a puppet singing.ThemeCreating a ______ can help tie together a story line and make recognizable music. In Jaws.Unspoken ThoughtsMusic can create ______ ______ when it projects emotion that is not being directly told by the actors.Play OffMusic can do more than accentuate the action, it can ____ ____ the action by opposing the visual on the screen. "Face Off" Somewhere over the Rainbow song.Speed Up, Slow DownWhen scenes are progressing slowly, the music can seem to _____ ___ the scene. The Ten Commandments, Bernstein rejoicing instead of lamenting. The music can also ____ ___ the scene, making them more memorable even though they are in a short period of time.Source MusicMusic that is being performed on scene that is part of the actual plot of the film.