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A form of government in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives is called

direct democracy

__ was the wise statesman who led Athens during much of its golden age


A temple crafted by the sculptor Phidias to honor the goddess Athena was the


The Greek values of harmony, order, balance, and proportion in art served as the standard for what became known as

Classical Art

A __ was a serious drama about common themes such as love, hate, and betrayal


The greatest historian of the Greek classical age was


Greek city-states Athens and Sparta fought each other in the

Peloponnesian War

Greek thinkers who were determined to seek the truth were called


The __ were a group of thinkers who questioned the existence of the traditional Greek gods.


One thinker who developed a method of teaching using questions and answers was


__ was a famous thinker who set forth his idea of a perfectly governed society in The Republic


A philosopher who opened a school in Athens called the Lyceum was


__ were two officials who shared the powers of ruling the republic and whose time in office was limited to one year.


In the early Roman republic, the __ power was absolute but his time in office was limited to a six-month period


The __ are the people who first settled the land on the bend of the Tiber River that was to become Rome


___ were wealthy aristocratic landowners of ancient Rome who held most of the power in the early republic


Carthaginian general ____ led a force of more than 50,000 soldiers and 60 elephants across the Alps to invade Italy.


A ____ was a military division of the Roman army.


The ____ were elected to represent the lower class of Roman citizens.


The ____ people were the common farmers, merchants, workers, and artisans that made up the majority of Roman citizens


The ____ were chosen to represent the upper class of Roman Citizens


____ was a daring Roman general during the Second Punic War.


____, a drastic drop in the value of money coupled with a rise in prices, helped weaken the Roman empire.


After serving as consul for a year, ____ led his troops in conquering Gaul. His great popularity was a source of concern to ____, who managed to have him ordered back to Rome.

Julius Caesar, Pompey

On the Ides of March, ____ was assassinated in the Senate by a group of conspirators

Julius Caesar

Under the rule of ____ as emperor Rome entered a 200 year period of peace and prosperity known as the ____

Augustus, Pax Romana

Slaves had few of the benefits of this prosperity. All were victims of their owner's whims. Some called ____ were forced to battle to the death before an arena full of eager spectators.


The reign of Marcus Aurelius marked the end of two centuries of peace and prosperity known as the ____

Pax Romana

Roman soldiers had become less loyal, so the government was forced to hire ____ to defend the empire.


A reform minded emperor who divided the empire into two sections was ____


Under Constantine the capital of the empire was moved from Rome to ____ in what is now

Byzantium, Turkey

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