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Blood has dripped onto the floor while one cares for an open wound. What is the safest method of sanitizing the floor?
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What is the safest way to lose weight on a diet?decrease calories taken in versus calories burnedWhy should a caregiver keep a straight back and bend at the knees when lifting an injured athlete on a stretcher?to prevent back injury to the caregiverWhat term describes the movement of turning the sole of the foot inward?inversionAfter a patient has used a treatment table during a rehabilitation session, what should the clinician do to ensure a safe environment for the next patient?disinfect the tableWhich event does NOT occur in stage 1 of injury?ischemiaWhat is the normal pulse range for an average adult?60-100 bpmWhat are the two federal health insurance systems in the United States?medicare and medicaidWhat is the bone that connects to the humerus at one point and the clavicle at another point and is located on the posterior surface of the body?scapulaWhich exercise is an open-chain exercise that isolates the quadriceps muscles?leg extensionsWhich component is NOT part of a health-related fitness program?speedWhich is the LEAST important component of an emergency action plan?time of dayAn athlete with a suspected clavicle injury requires transportation to hospital by ambulance. His parents cannot be reached. Which is the best course of action?send a coach or athletic trainer with the athleteAn ATC recommends that an injured hockey player visit the training room after each practice for ice rehabilitation.On a SOAP note evaluation where is this documented?planWhat BEST describes second impact syndromea second concussion before symptoms of first have subsidedWhich stabilization method is applied when one treats an athlete with a dislocated shoulder?sling and swatheA certified athletic trainer is developing a workout for a 40-year old woman who wants to decrease body fat and increase cardiovascular fitness and strength. What is the BEST workout?aerobic and resistance trainingDuring which part of a HOPS evaluation would ecchymosis be noted?observationA clinician is bilaterally comparing the ankles of an injured patient. Which is NOT a reason to conduct this comparison?osteoporosisWhich list identifies a sudden illness in order of LEAST to MOST serious?heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat strokeFollowing trauma, what is the FIRST stage of the healing process?inflammationWhat is the BEST method of turning an injured athlete from a prone to a supine position?log rollingWhich is the primary source of nutritional energy?carbsWhich procedure is NOT used to treat a patient experiencing a seizure?restrain the patients limbsIn order to adapt to change in the allied health services workplace, what MUST a medical professional do?participate in continuing educationWhat is the correct name of an open wound with jagged edgeslacerationA diabetic volleyball player is slow and appears sweaty and fatigued during afternoon practice. The volleyball player took insulin at lunch time but hasn't eaten since breakfast. What should the coach do?give her some form of sugarWhat is the FIRST step in following universal precautions when training a person with an open wound?wash handsWhat type of medications are USUALLY prescribed within 2 days of a fracture?anti and analWhich of the following describes paresthesia?numbness and tinglingWhich product is MOST appropriate for an exercise focusing on proprioception?wobble boardWhich bone is the non-weight bearing bone of the lower extremity?fibulaAn athlete takes a blow to the knee. Afterwards, she shows joint laxity and abnormal range of motion. Which structure was likely affected?ligamentWhat joint position should an athlete with a quadriceps contusion be instructed to maintain while icing?knee flexedA hurdler trips over a hurdle, landing on her outstretched hand. Which injury might she suffer?colles fractureWhich of the following is NOT a common cause of medial tibial stress syndrome?static stretchingThe athletic trainer has determined that the athlete has a hip dislocation. What is the appropriate response?call 911Which is NOT a function of then skeletal system?to facilitate body movementA basketball player sprains his anterior talofibular ligament and is unable to bear weight. What is the BEST way for him to leave the court?ambulance/two man assistWhich injury has occurred in a clavicle fracture that is incomplete and partially bent?greenstickA recent college graduate has an interest in weight lifting and sports performance. Which national accredited organization should he join?National strength and conditioning associationAn athlete suffered a mild hip flexor strain and has been medically cleared to return to practice. What might the clinician do to BEST protect and support the injury during practice?apply a hip spica wrapOnce a scene is determined to be safe, what is the first step in CPR?check reponsivenessWhat is the meaning of the acronym PRICE?protection, rest, ice, compression, elevationWhich symptom is a CONTRAINDICATION for use of ice?loss of circulationIn which phase of the rehabilitation process does the therapist implement flexibility techniques?ROMAn 18-year-old male athlete is starting a workout program and needs to exercise at 75% intensity. Using the target heart rate formula, what would his target heart rate be in beats per minute. Target heart rate formula: (% intensity) (220-age)151.5 bpmA baseball player appears to be leaking cerebrospinal fluid from his ears and nose after a collision with a base runner. What should the athletic trainer do prior to providing care?put on glovesWhat is the PRIMARY purpose for maintaining a record of supply inventory?to prevent supply shortageA football player takes a helmet to the lower back. He now complains of lower back pain and hematuria. Which organ did he most likely injure?kidneyWhich ligament does the anterior drawer test of the ankle asses?anterior talofibularWhich plan is the MOST effective way to decrease a person's body weight?increase calorie intake, increase physical activityAn athlete presents with pain in the lower right quadrant. The pain was dull for two days, but now has become sharp and throbbing. Which is suspected?appendicitisAn athlete falls to the ground. The coach finds him panicked and grasping his neck, his skin is cyanotic, and he is not communicating. What most likely occurred?he is chokingWhat is TRUE about the use of AED?it is used to deliver an electrical shock to resume heart beatAfter one eats a meal, which hormone LOWERS the level of glucose in the blood by stimulating body cells to take up and store excess glucose?insulinWhich method of pain management is MOST effective for acute muscle status?cryotherapyWhen muscles are immobilized for a prolonged period of time, the muscle will lose size. What is this called?atrophyWhat is the most appropriate body fat range for an average healthy high school female?19-25%An athlete states the mechanism of injury for an ankle sprain was inversion with plantar flexion. What structure is MOST likely injured?anterior talofibular ligamentWhich cranial nerve is associated with the sense of smell?olfactoryexercise with free weights isisotonicwhat is not a fat soluble vitamincHow many CEUs must an ATC obtain in 3 years30what is a wrongful act that is punishable by lawtortswhat is the main responsibility of the team physician in the athletic settingoversee programwhat is the cause of an ulnar collateral tearthrowing, hypoextensionwhat kind of potential is made from ion movement in electrical stimulationelectricalapproxiamate amount of protein an adult athlete needs.4most common mechanism of injury for a dislocated GH jointabduction, external rotationshin plints is related tolower leg paingamekeepers thumb results in the sprain of theulnar collateral ligamentwhich method is not used to acheive overloadincrease number of repsshortening of muscle isconcentricwhich type of exercise is good for ROMisokineticbeing legally responsible for the harm one causes another personliabilityWhen is an ice massage most effectivesmall treatment areamost common type of ankle spraininversionwhat is the worse conducting material when using ultrasoundwateraverage male body fat percentage16-20%ultrasound setting allows waves to get deeper into tissue1type of exercise good for beginning rehabilitationisometricwhich is not true about how a body adapts to a stressit doesnt alternext step after performing a primary assesment in a cervical fracturestabilize head and neckwhat does it mean that pain is a subjective sensationevery ones interpretation of painpain from skincutaneousisometric is defined when musclecontracts but does not shortennumbing, tingling, loss of sensationdrop footnerve goes to the boneperiostometransmits pain to spinal cord via unmyelinated C fibers and myelinated A-delta fibersnoviceptorwhich motion would produce a pcl tearhyperextensionsensory receptor with largest diameter and myelinatedA alpha fibermost commonly fractured bone in the wristscaphoidhyperextreme or excessivewhich phase of rehab is isometric exercise goodphase 1A glenohumeral dislocation is the result of which of the following motionsabduction/external rotationpes cavus ishigh archin which phase do we evaluta strength, ROM, and amount of edemaall phasescrutches should be how far lateral from your foot6 inches