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  1. exhilaration
  2. propinquity
  3. dissipate
  4. hypocrisy
  5. acme
  1. a Thrill; invigoration
  2. b The highest point
  3. c Nearness; proximity
  4. d The profession of beliefs, feelings, or values that one does not exhibit
  5. e To waste recklessly; to exhaust

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  1. A separation or division
  2. To relinquish something voluntarily; to refrain from enforcing
  3. Proper behavior; appropriateness
  4. Abandonment of one's principles, faith, or religious beliefs
  5. Easily excused or forgiven

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  1. deleteriousUnnecessary; excessive


  2. nondescriptA separation or division


  3. malingerTo feign illness to avoid work


  4. abjureTo renounce or recant


  5. surreptitiousAccomplished through stealth and secrecy