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What are the cells in a sponge that are primarily responsible for trapping food particles from circulating water?


Although a diverse group, all cnidarians are characterized by

a gastrovascular cavity

A structurally complex sponge would be expected to have


A sponge's skeletal materials (spicules, spongin) are manufactured by the


A land snail, a clam, and an octopus all share


Which chemical is not normally found in any sponges?


The water vascular system of echinoderms


In terms of food capture, which sponge cell is most similar to the cnidocyte?


A radially symmetrical animal that has two embryonic tissue layers belongs to which phylum?


Which of these is a characteristic of sea stars?

tube feet

What is the best way to describe the brain of a sea anemone?


Grasshoppers respire via

spiracles and tracheae

The members of which class of the phylum Cnidaria occur only as polyps?


Which class of the phylum Cnidaria includes "jellies" with rounded (as opposed to box-like medusae?


Corals are most closely related to which group?


Which characteristic is shared by both cnidarians and flatworms?

a digestive system with a single opening

Generally, members of which flatworm class are nonparasitic?


Nematodes are most closely related to


What would be the most effective method of reducing the incidence of blood flukes in a human population?


The larvae of many common tapeworms affecting humans are usually found

encysted in the muscle of an animal such as a cow or pig.

While vacationing in a country that lacks adequate meat inspection, a student ate undercooked ground beef. Sometime later the student became easily fatigued, and lost body weight. At about the same time, whitish, flattened, rectangular objects full of small white spheres started appearing in his feces. Administration of niclosamide cured the problem. The student had probably been infected by a


Which of the following combinations of phylum and description is incorrect?

Porifera-gastrovascular cavity, coelom present

An organism is able to extend its feeding structure(s) through a hole in an exoskeleton. If the organism were an ectoproct, it would extend a ________; if a coral animal, it would extend ________; if a bivalve, it would extend ________; and if a barnacle, it would extend ________.


A lophophore is used by ectoprocts, phoronids, and brachiopods

for feeding

A brachiopod can be distinguished from a bivalve by the presence of


While sampling marine plankton in a lab, a student encounters large numbers of fertilized eggs. She rears some of the eggs in the laboratory for further study and finds that the blastopore becomes the mouth. The embryo develops into a trochophore larva and eventually has a coelom. These eggs probably belonged to a(n)


Which molluscan class includes members that undergo embryonic torsion?


In a tide pool, a student encounters an organism with a hard outer covering that contains much calcium carbonate, an open circulatory system, and gills. The organism could potentially be a crab, a shrimp, a barnacle, or a bivalve. Which structure below would allow for the most certain identification?

Ia mantle

A terrestrial mollusc without a shell belongs to which class?


Which molluscan class includes chitons?


A radula is present in members of which class(es)?


While snorkeling, a student observes an active marine animal that has a series of muscular tentacles bearing suckers associated with its head. Segmentation is not observed, but a pair of large, well-developed eyes is evident. The student is observing an animal belonging to which class?


All of the following animal groups include terrestrial life forms except


have parapodia


many are parasites


have segmented bodies

E. all of the above

make castings that are agriculturally important


name indicates the relative number of bristles its members have

D. two of the above

some members release an anticoagulate that is of medical significance


A stalked, sessile marine organism has several feathery feeding structures surrounding an opening through which food enters. The organism could potentially be a cnidarian, a lophophorate, a tube-dwelling worm, a crustacean, or an echinoderm. Finding which of the following in this organism would allow the greatest certainty of identification?

a water vascular system

Humans most frequently acquire trichinosis by


A terrestrial animal species is discovered with the following larval characteristics: exoskeleton, tracheal system for gas exchange, and modified segmentation. A knowledgeable zoologist would predict that its adults probably also would have

an open circulatory system

What is true of echinoderms?

They have an endoskeleton of hard calcareous plates. Tube feet provide motility in most

A student observes a worm-like organism crawling about on dead organic matter. Later, the organism sheds its outer covering. One possibility is that the organism is a larval insect (like a maggot). On the other hand, it might be a member of the phylum ________. One way to distinguish between the two possibilities is by looking for the presence of

Nematoda; a circulatory system

The heartworms that can accumulate within the heart of dogs and other mammals have a pseudocoelom, an alimentary canal, and an outer covering that is occasionally shed. To which phylum does the heartworm belong?


Infection with which parasite would cause elasticity in human skeletal muscles?

trichinella worms

Skeletal structures that are entirely or partly composed of calcium carbonate can be found in some members of the following except


What distinguishes complete metamorphosis from incomplete metamorphosis in insects?

radically different appearance between adults and earlier life stages

Which of the following is a characteristic of adult echinoderms?


Among the invertebrates, arthropods are unique in possessing


The presence or absence of mandibles can be used to distinguish between


A shared derived characteristic for members of the arthropod subgroup that includes spiders would be the presence of


You find a small animal with eight legs crawling up your bedroom wall. Closer examination will probably reveal that this animal has


While working in your garden, you discover a worm-like, segmented animal with two pairs of jointed legs per segment. The animal is probably a


Which of the following characteristics most likely explains why insects are


They can extend the stomach through their mouth to feed

A. class Crinoidea (sea lilies and feather stars)
B. class Asteroidea (sea stars)
C. class Ophiuroidea (brittle stars)

D. class Echinoidea (sea urchins and sand dollars)
E. class Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers)

B. Annelida

They have distinct central disks and long, flexible arms


They are elongated in the oral-aboral axis

E. Echinodermata

Their mouth is directed upward


They can have long, movable spines

D. Arthropoda

protostomes that have an open circulatory system and an exoskeleton of chitin
A. Cnidaria
B. Annelida
C. Mollusca
D. Arthrop


protostomes with a unique drape of tissue that may secrete a shell

C. Mollusca

a diploblastic phylum of aquatic predators


deuterostomes that have an endoskeleton

E. Echinodermata

protostomes that have a closed circulatory system and obvious segmentation


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