APX Exam 3

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Arcus Society of the University of Illinois and Sigma Upsilon of the University of Michigan
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Senenmut and Domitian: 2005 and is celebrating their 50th anniversaryWhen did the chapters become installed , and what event does it mark for the Vitruvius Chapter?Anthemios Chapter: May 22, 1914 Iktinos Chapter: June 5, 1914When did the ORIGINAL chapters become installed , and what event does it mark for the Vitruvius Chapter?Ann Harbor during mid-November 1914Where did the first grand council meet?1. Worthy Architect 2. Worthy Associate Architect 3. Worthy Estimator 4. Worthy Scribe 5. Worthy AdvisorWhat five positions make up the executive board of the Vitruvius chapter Alpha Rho Chi.1. Active - consist of ppl currently at PSU pursuing a bachelors degree 2. Non-Graduate - consist of ppl who withdrew from PSU before receiving degree 3. Faculty - consists of member of faculty departments 4. Alumni - consist of active members who received degree from PSU 5. Honorary - consist of faculty, who aren't already faculty brothers, and others who will reflect honor to the fraternityList the five classes of membershipRobert's Rules of Order shall govern all meetings of the fraternity, except in such case where these rules conflict with the Constitution and By-Laws of the fraternity.What rules shall be used to govern all meetings had within Alpha Rho Chi?"To organize and unite for educational professional development purposes the students of Architecture and its Allied Arts in the universities and colleges of America and the alumni members of this Fraternity, in order that this Fraternity may promote the artistic, scientific and practical proficiency of its membership and the profession."YOU MUST KNOW AND MEMORIZE THE OBJECTIVES FOR WHICH THIS FRATERNITY WAS FOUNDED. BE ABLE TO RECITE TOGETHER IN UNISON.