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  1. appertaining
  2. purged
  3. poultice
  4. augmenting
  5. rancor
  1. a to free from impurities
  2. b a soft, moist mass of bread, meal, clay or other material
  3. c to make (something already developed) greater
  4. d to belong as a proper function or part
  5. e bitter

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  1. to dislike (someone or something) greatly
  2. to submit to settlement or judgment by arbitration
  3. to reject vehemently
  4. to express grief for or about
  5. feeling, expressing or characterized by envy

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  1. aldermana member of the municipal legislative body


  2. impeachto attribute; credit


  3. predominantmost common or conspicuous


  4. drudgean omen


  5. tediousmoving or progressing very slowly