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  1. solace
  2. profaners
  3. obscured
  4. beseech
  5. esteem
  1. a those who have irreverence for what is sacred
  2. b to request earnestly
  3. c regard with respect
  4. d comfort in sorrow
  5. e indistinctly heard; faint

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  1. to reject vehemently
  2. destitution
  3. to discontinue a session
  4. future generations
  5. a soft, moist mass of bread, meal, clay or other material

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  1. chideto express disapproval


  2. enviousmoving or progressing very slowly


  3. tediousmoving or progressing very slowly


  4. aldermana member of the municipal legislative body


  5. arbitratingto make (something already developed) greater