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  1. impeach
  2. consort
  3. prorogue
  4. envious
  5. lamentable
  1. a to challenge the validity of; try to discredit
  2. b to express grief for or about
  3. c feeling, expressing or characterized by envy
  4. d to discontinue a session
  5. e a companion or partner

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  1. destitution
  2. a violation of a law, command or duty
  3. to free from impurities
  4. regard with respect
  5. indistinctly heard; faint

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  1. beseechto request earnestly


  2. augmentingto submit to settlement or judgment by arbitration


  3. dirgesa funeral hymns or lament


  4. inundationan incantation used in conjuring


  5. languishwell grounded


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