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  1. benefice
  2. culled
  3. prorogue
  4. pernicious
  5. profaners
  1. a to gather; collected
  2. b a church office endowed with fixed capital assets
  3. c to discontinue a session
  4. d those who have irreverence for what is sacred
  5. e evil; wicked

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  1. to attribute; credit
  2. most common or conspicuous
  3. to narrate or discuss
  4. to request earnestly
  5. a member of the municipal legislative body

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  1. inundationan incantation used in conjuring


  2. consorta companion or partner


  3. chidea person who does tedious, menial, or unpleasant work


  4. augmentingto make (something already developed) greater


  5. solacecomfort in sorrow