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  1. inundation
  2. invocation
  3. alderman
  4. predominant
  5. enmity
  1. a deep-seated, often mutual hatred
  2. b most common or conspicuous
  3. c to cover with water
  4. d a member of the municipal legislative body
  5. e an incantation used in conjuring

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  1. to discontinue a session
  2. rough and stormy; violent
  3. to free from impurities
  4. to request earnestly
  5. feeling, expressing or characterized by envy

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  1. obscuredindistinctly heard; faint


  2. imputeto attribute; credit


  3. transgressionto make (something already developed) greater


  4. rancorto reject vehemently


  5. hereticsa church office endowed with fixed capital assets