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the system of the body that produces, circulates, and regulates hormones

pituitary gland & hypothalamus- lower portion of brain just above mouth divided into 8 regions

a. anterior pituitary: secretes hormones that regulate or act upon other endocrine glands
thyrotropic hormones: act on thyroid gland
adrenocorticotropic hormones: stimulate adrenal gland
gonadotropins : act on gonad (LH- luteinizing hormone, FSH- follicle stimulating hormone)
-prolactin- stimulate mammary glands for milk production
growth hormone- stimulate cell division for new cell production
melanophere stimulating hormone- pigment dispersion

b. hypothalamus- produces releasing hormones that regulate each of the pituitary hormones
FSH-RH (follicle stimulating hormone-releasing hormone)
LH-RH (leutenizing hormone- releasing hormone)
posterior pituitary- also regulated by hypothalamus
vasopressin- acts on kidney to reduce urine flow
oxytocin- stimulates contraction of uterus during birth and the release of milk by mammary glands

metabolic hormones and associated glands- alter rate of enzyme activity
thyroid gland- thyroxine: promotes normal development of the nervous system
adrenal glands- cortisol: antiimflammatroy hormone, aldosterone: promotes the tubular reabsorption of NaCl by nephron in kidney, epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (noradrenaline) tune up boy for emergencies

digestive hormones-
gastrin: stimulates secretion of HCl in stomach
cholecystokinin: stimulates gall bladder contraction to increase flow of bile salts into duodenum and also stimulates prancreas to secrete enzymatic juices