Causes of the Civil War

The Abolitionists Movement
Abolition- To end something quickly
During the mid 1800's Abolitionists called for an end to slavery everywhere in The United States
Frederick Douglas
-An African American abolitionist and former slave
Escaped his owner in 1838
William Lloyd Garrison
United States abolitionist who published an anti-slavery journal (1805-1879)
John Brown
Well-known abolitionist. used violence to stop slavery immediately, involved in the Pottawatomie Massacre, he ws tried, convicted of treason and hung... he became a martyr.
Compromise of 1850
1- California was admitted to the US as a free state
2- The rest of the Mexican Cession was divided into the territories of New Mexico and Utah
3- In each territory voters would decide for themselves whether to allow slavery (popular sovereignty) Slave trade was banned in Washington DC
4- A strict fugitive slave law was passed which stated that runaway slaves had to be returned to their owners. (the north was very unhappy with that)
Popular Sovereignty
PS takes place when voters are allowed to decide on an issue for themselves by popular vote.
(in territories where slavery was decided by popular sovereignty voters had the right to decide whether or not to allow slavery)
Bleeding Kansas
In Kansas, slavery was decided by popular sovereignty
Many northern abolitionists moved to Kansas and so did many southerners. They then got into fights.
Dred Scott Case
Dred Scott was a slave who moved with his master from a slave state (Missouri) to a free state (Illinois) While living there with his owner Dred Scott remained a slave.
Abolitionists took DS case to the Supreme Court because they believed that Dred Scott should be free.
The Supreme court ruled that slaves could not sue for freedom because they were property.
The decision made abolitionists VERY angry
The Cotton Gin
Created by Eli Whitney in 1793, made slavery gain a new economic foothold and made Southerners want to protect and keep slaves.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Published in 1852
Uncle Tom's Cabin
A book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852
Became very popular in the North and became a play
The book was outlawed in the South
In the book, Uncle Tom was a slave who was tortured and eventually killed by his owner.
The Presidential Election of 1860
Lincoln won the election with only 40% of the popular vote
This took place because two other candidates ran for election that year rep. the Democratic party and the Constitutional union party. This cause lincoln the gain more votes than the others and win the electoral vote.