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Chapters 1 & 2

Psychology and anthropology are classified as scientific because of their


The literal meaning of the word "psychology" is the

study of the mind

Malcolm works for a major pharmaceutical company and is in charge of designing a clinical protocol to study depression. The new medication under investigation has the potential to alleviate the symptoms of depression. Malcolm needs to describe how depression as well as how the improvement of depressive symptoms will be defined in the study in order to recruit the right subjects. In other words, Malcolm needs to provide a(n)

operational definition

The most important aspect of a hypothesis is that it must be a ____________________ idea.


A subject who is exposed to the study treatment is said to be in the ________ condition.


Some people believe that money can buy happiness. Dr. Goodwin wants to determine whether paying people plays a role in their happiness. The level of money given to a subject would be considered to be the

independent variable.

Correlation does not mean


The value of a correlation coefficient reflects the

the strength of the relationship between two variables.

If a study finds that there is a negative correlation between exercise and blood pressure, this would most likely indicate that

people who exercise more tend to have a lower blood pressure.

A(n) ________ psychologist would be most likely to help individuals overcome their depression.


Which type of research study would best be used to study the factors that shaped a notorious serial killer?

case study

To control for this bias in drug studies, participants are kept blinded as to whether they are receiving the active drug or placebo.


The American Psychological Association guidelines state that research participants must

be debriefed after the study if the research involves deception.

A psychologist who studies how hormones affect a person's behavior is using the ________ perspective.


Wilhelm Wundt founded the

first psychology laboratory.

Structuralists were concerned with uncovering the basic components of

the mind.

A scientist who studies the strategies involved in playing a game of chess is most likely to follow a(n) ________ approach to psychology.


________ was an influential advocate of behaviorism.

B. F. Skinner

Which degree is a psychologist LEAST likely to have earned?


A ________ psychologist would be most likely to explain nail-biting behavior as resulting from an oral fixation and an unconscious, self-destructive tendency.


The genetic structure you inherited from your parents is referred to as your


Which of the following statements expresses the correct relationship?

Genes are made of nucleotides

Schizophrenia, a severe mental disorder, is thought to involve

more than one chromosome

Which of the following is true about neurons?

The total number of neurons remains relatively constant once we reach adulthood.

________ form the the body's two communication systems.

The nervous system and the endocrine system

________ neurons carry messages to the central nervous system.


Which of the following is NOT true about the dendrite?

It connects directly to other axons.

Schizophrenia is thought to occur when a person has overactivity within this particular neurotransmitter system.


Disturbances of the neurotransmitter ________ can produce memory problems.


Actor Christopher Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down because of accidental damage to his

spinal cord.

Your ability to play the piano is regulated by the

somatic nervous system.

The network of glands that manufacture and secrete hormones is referred to as the

endocrine system.

The ________ is a limbic region that regulates the endocrine system.


The scanning device that makes highly detailed pictures from tissue responses to powerful pulses of energy is the


Our ability to breathe is controlled by the ________ which is located within the ________.

medulla; brainstem

Darwin's theory of evolution suggests that the only measure of success for a species is

the passing of genes along to succeeding generations.

Damage to the ________ would be expected to impair your ability to name three exciting news events that occurred after this damage to your brain.


Which body structure was altered during the process of evolution which resulted in higher levels of cognitive functioning for humans?


The action of grabbing your keys with your right hand is controlled by your

left motor cortex.

Vision is processed primarily in the ________ lobes.


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