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Measure of mass\


A fictitious force\


Measure of weight\


Positively charged particle\


One kind of atom\



electron sharing

Measure of pressure\

pounds per square inch

A negatively charged particle\


An atom with a different neutron number\


A car travels in a circle with constant speed. The net force on the car is\

directed towards the center of the curve.

A satellite orbits the earth at an unchanging speed of 18,000 mph. This satellite\

both of the above.

According to Newton, doubling the distance between two interacting objects\

divides by 4 the gravitational force between them.

If a planet's radius decreases but the mass stays the same, the acceleration due to gravity near the surface will _____ .


What is the force of gravity on a 500-newton woman standing on the Earth's surface?

500 N

If the mass of the Earth somehow increased with no change in radius, your weight would

increase also.

Inside a freely-falling elevator, there would be no

apparent weight for you.

Panets A and B orbit the same star. Planet B is four times further from the star than planet Aand has twice the mass of planet A. The gravitational force of the star on planet B is _____ the force on planet A.

an eighth of

An asteroid exerts a 360-N gravitational force on a nearby spacecraft. If the spacecraft moves to a point 3 times as far from the center of the asteroid, the force will be

40 N.

Which of the following is not a vector quantity?


A stone is thrown horizontally from the top of a cliff. One second after it has left your hand its vertical distance below the top of the cliff is

5 m.

A rock is thrown upward at 50 degrees with respect to the horizontal. As it rises, its vertical component of velocity


A rock is thrown upward at 50 degrees with respect to the horizontal. As it rises, its horizontal component of velocity

remains unchanged.

Throw an object upward at a 45 degree angle. With no gravity it will follow a straight-line path. But because of gravity, at the end of 1 second, it is

about 5 m below the straight line.

A projectile is launched vertically upward at 50 m/s. If air resistance is negligible, its speed upon returning to its starting point is

50 m/s.

An Earth satellite is simply a projectile

freely falling around the earth.

Two projectiles are fired from ground level at equal speeds but different angles. One is fired at an angle of 30 degrees and the other at 60 degrees. The projectile to hit the ground first will be the one fired at (neglect air resistance)

30 degrees.

After a rock thrown straight up reaches the top of its path and then falls a short distance, its acceleration is (neglect air resistance)

the same as it was at the top of its path.

A bullet is fired horizontally with an initial velocity of 300 m/s from a tower 20 m high. If air resistance is negligible, the horizontal distance the bullet travels before hitting the ground is about

600 m.

Water pressure is greatest against the

bottom of a submerged object.

The mass of a cubic meter of water is

1000 kg.

Pumice is a volcanic rock that floats. Its density is

less than the density of water.

A completely submerged object always displaces its own

volume of fluid.

What is the buoyant force acting on a 10-ton ship floating in the ocean?

10 tons

When an object is partly or wholly immersed in a liquid, it is buoyed up

by a force equal to the weight of liquid displaced.

The reason a life jacket helps you float is

the density of both you and the jacket together is less than your density alone.

A rock suspended by a string weighs 5 N out of water and 3 N when submerged. What is the buoyant force on the rock?

2 N

Ice cubes submerged at the bottom of a liquid indicate that the liquid

is less dense than ice.

A block of styrofoam floats on water while a same size block of lead lies submerged in the water. The buoyant force is greatest on the


A liter-sized block of ordinary wood floats in water. The amount of water displaced is

less than 1 liter.

Atmospheric pressure is caused by the

weight of the atmosphere.

The weight of a 1-squre column of air that extends from sea level to the top of the atmosphere is

101,000 N

A balloon is buoyed up with a force equal to the

weight of air it displaces.

As a helium-filled balloon rises in the air, it becomes


In drinking soda or water through a straw, we make use of

atmospheric pressure.

The flight of a blimp best illustrates

the principle of Archimedes.

Airplane flight best illustrates

Bernoulli's principle.

The faster a fluid moves, the

less its internal pressure.

A suction cup sticks to a wall. It is

pushed to the wall by the atmosphere.

Consider two mercury barometers, one with twice the cross-sectional area of the other. Neglecting capillarity, mercury in the smaller tube will rise

the same height as in the larger tube.

As a balloon rises higher and higher into the atmosphere, its

none of these

Alcohol is less dense than water. If alcohol is used to make a barometer on a day when atmospheric pressure is normal, the height of the alcohol column would be

more than 10.3 m.

When gas in a container is squeezed to half its volume and the temperature remains the same, the gas pressure


It would be easier to pull evacuated Magdeburg hemispheres apart when they are

20 km above the ocean surface.

Suspend a pair of Ping-Pong balls from two strings so there is a small space between them. If you blow air between the balls, they will swing

toward each other.

In a vacuum a marshmallow becomes


Object A has 6 times the mass and 3 times the volume of object B/. The density of object A is ___________ B's density.

2 times

The acceleration due to gravity is 16 m/ on a given planet. When a ball is dropped on this planet, what will be its speed at the end of 3 seconds?

48 m/s

How far will the ball in question 64 fall during the third second?

40 m

Cubes A and B have the same volume and both weigh 210 lb. Cube A is submerged in water while cube B is submerged in a liquid with 3 times the density of water. If A's apparent weight is 180 lb., what is B's apparent weight?

120 lb

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