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Christ figure

a character whose life bears resemblance to Jesus Christ AND who sacrifices himself for the good of the group (ex Simon)


Criticizes human behavior, human institutions, or social issues by using means such as: human, wit, sarcasm, ridicule and exaggeration. Purpose is to provoke change.

Dramatic Irony

When a character makes a mistake or misunderstands something and the reader sees it but the character does not.


central message of a literary work


used to represent something else, emblem, metaphor (ex sleep, weather, up and down, widows etc.)

Irony of a situation

an outcome that Turns out to be very different than expected, unintentional outcome (ex jacks fire)


language used by the people who are set apart from others either geographically or socially; dialect can present itself in the words people use or in the pronunciation of words.

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