SABS Lab 1

What is the vesicular transport of proteins out of the cell?
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Mallory Trichrome staining is a good stain to use for what?distinguishing intracellular vs. extracellular componentsWhen using Mallory Trichrome staining, what color do different substances stain?-Collagen fibers: intense blue -Mucus and ground substance: varying shades of blue -Cytoplasm and neuroglia: red -Elastic fibrils, RBC, and nucleoli: pink or yellowWhen studying slides, you will come across artifacts. Common artifacts include-tissue cracking (due in part to poor fixation) -postmortem degeneration -knife marks -shrinkage -precipitates -dust and folds in the specimenplasma membrane functionprotect the cell from the surrounding environment as it regulates what comes in and outlipid bilayer-polar head is hydrophilic -fatty acid tail is hydrophobicnucleushouses the DNArough ER-with ribosomes makes proteins -contains membrane bound ribosomessmooth ER-metabolizes lipids, synthesizes cholesterol and steroid-based hormones, detoxify drugs and certain pesticides -does not contain membrane-bound ribosomesribosome functionproduce proteinsGolgi complexpackages proteins, lipids, enzymes for export by vesiclesmitochondria-power plant of the cell -aerobic respirationMitochondria are numerous in metabolically active tissues. List a few sites where you would expect to find them in high numbersfat cells muscle cellsLysosomes-clean up mechanism in cells -low pH environment -contain enzymes that break down almost all biological materialsWhat are the elements of the cytoskeleton?-microtubule -intermediate filaments -actinActin filamentscell structure, motility, migration -wound healing -muscle contraction -cytokinesisIntermediate filaments-most stable and permanent cytoskeletal structure -neurofilaments in nerve cells and keratin filaments in epitheliumMicrotubules-motor proteins move "cargo" along microtubular "railroad tracks" -chromosome separation during cell division -determine cell shape and distribution of organelles